Friday, August 24, 2012

Gear Review: Deluxe Hook Shot!

Dark here, today I’m going to do a little review on our newest grappling hook, Deluxe Hook Shot.  Why is this review taking me so long? Well, I’ve been trying to cover all of the new gear (Deluxe Hook Shot, Adventure Island, Tiger Skin and Dart Trap) but In catalog heaven the only 2 gear that worked were Deluxe Hook Shot and Adventure Island so I decided I would just make a separate review on Deluxe Hook Shot.

 Abilities/Effects: 9/10

       This gears abilities are the same as every other grappling hook, you click on any stable brick, and it could be across the map it would still bring you to it.  If you see someone up on a mountain you can click on them, the grappling hook either brings them towards you and throws them on the ground or it pull you towards the, and lets you let normally on the ground next to them.  You could use the pulling them towards you by clicking on them then soon as they get near you switch to a sword and kill them or you could click on them and it would bring you towards them and soon as you get near them you quickly change to a sword and kill them.

Appearance: 7/10

I personally think this gear has too much of a cartoonish appearance, it seems to fake and animated for a grappling hook, it seems to fake for what it can do if you know what I mean… Maybe if it was darker like a black with a bit of rust it would seem a lot more realistic?  It looks nice in the avatars hands, as if it was a gun!

Pricing: 6/10

This grappling hook cost 750 robux, 45 robux more than the original grappling hook I personally think the MAX price for this gear should be 500 robux, if you tested the gear on catalog heaven, you would not think it would be worth 750 robux, you would think of it more as a 300-500 robux gear.  In conclusion I think this gear is overpriced by a nice bit.

Overall: 7.5/10

I think this gear has some nice abilities; it looks good enough I suppose for “Adventure based” gear and the price is reasonable.  When I first tested the gear I really enjoyed it.  So overall I give this a 7.5/10.

Thanks for reading!

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