Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why do users visit certain games?

This is a nice lengthy post I am going to write for you readers tonight! There was two versions of this post, one has mysteriously disappeared from our dashboard, and two is this one! :P Today I am telling you about how games are popular and why.

Now, we know loads of great game developers like Crazyman32, Wingman8, and TheGamer101.
These three game creators all spend a lot of time developing and perfecting their games. But what makes their games so appealing? There is so many things on ROBLOX that makes a game appealing, and with some of them- provided by ROBLOX and designed and visualized by us.

Roblox users are critics, some may not know it, but all of us users are critics some how. We all judge games, we all play games. Game that are on the front page, were decided by users. Games that are on the front page of ROBLOX are always good games, some may not be original- for example "JaredValdez4", but the games Jared Valdez has, are great games. So therefore it is on the front page. Users don't really care about who's game it is, as long as it's a good game- like JaredValdez' games, it's a front-page material game.

All users must know that some games that are very good, can't always get noticed when they are up against Crazyman32's freeflight and Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101.

I asked many users on ROBLOX which Genre of game they thought were the best, around 50% said "Military/War", and around 10% said "Adventure" the rest said "RPG". All three of this Genres are very appealing to many, many users. Personally, I like Adventure and Mystery. But that's my choice.

On to building, building on ROBLOX is actually not the top on my list of appealing objects of a game, but building is in the top 3. Building doesn't have to be CFramed, although CFraming helps the building go way-beyond what you expect. But there is one aspect of building that can actually replace CFraming, which surprisingly is Terrain, people are loving the Terrain. There is a few games on ROBLOX that show what you can do with terrain, like "Freeflight" by Crazyman32, Terrain can make people love the game, but it has to be made to perfection.

Another thing on my list was the front-cover of a game. Games like "Welcome To Roblox Building" have nice, nice pictures. Here is an example I whipped up:
This was easily made with Photoshop and can be made with other image editing software. The best three I would say on the internet are Paint.NET, Gimp, and Photoshop. They can all be found if you write their names in the google search. If you look at the example image, in a way it appeals to you. You like the way it is made, and CFramed, and the special effects on the image, make people love games. Like Crazyman32's Freeflight (I know I've mentioned it a lot) it has a great image, that was made fairly simple using ROBLOX tools and Photoshop text with Lens Flares. So, graphic design is one of the main things, it's probably fourth in my list.

Scripting, now scripting is probably second in everybody's list. It makes a game be a game. Without any scripting, your game is nothing. Even if it's only allowing gear, it's scripting and that's the bottom line. Games like "Mountain Brawl Gear Fight" by our very own IBarrageI, has few scripting like Swords, but that game does not need scripting, as it has allowed gear. That's scripting, even if the gear that you have bought isn't made by the creator, it's scripting. Especially if you allow ROBLOX gear, it is made by the masters, and will be good.

Now I was so confused about my results on this, according to my research, users are more appealed to a game, by the materials and the way they are put. I found this an astonishing result! Materials in a game, if they are put in the game well, they are a very attractive and alluring element. People love them. Games like "The Underground Base" by SuperAlpacaMan have many choices of materials that change the way users think of the game. I found, the most loved material was actually "Slate" followed by "Grass". But this can change on what computer you are using, if you are using a state of the art Graphics Card, like me. You see everything in a great, view. I have textures on top all the time, and they view amazing. Some textures like Foil aren't as nice on Low texture settings, this is something that makes things have to be chosen wisely. So be careful with your choices!

The conclusion I came to is that ROBLOX Materials are judged more then anything else on ROBLOX games.

Thanks for reading this nice, lengthy post by MEE!!!! :D

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