Friday, August 3, 2012

Cart Ride Through Robloxia Tycoon Moan-Up Place Review

Cart Ride Through Robloxia Tycoon

Today I will be reviewing a tycoon about different regions/times of robloxia. The front cover photo of the game made me think "Oh my god, amazing game!", but then... I clicked play!

I enter the game, and what do you know, many guis... Very, annoyed. Anyway, you can tell this game is full of free models, because the game has "Made by NorthScott" all over it. That isn't needed if you created and scripted the game... NorthScott is the creator, or so 'Placer'. Just from seeing this, I could tell that the game was bad.. obviously he had clicked a free model on a Terrain Baseplate in studio... (Zak is not impressed). This is why games like this annoy me, people never put there best effort into it... And they get on the front page. I mean, people like Crazyman32 have put lots of effort into there games.. And not all of them get famous. Like "海悅軋機寧靜,周圍的天空" This game had lots of effort put into it... but it never got to the front page. Compare the game I am currently reviewing, to that! This game practically is "Free Model Land".

When I get to the tycoon I see a, yet again free model. A tycoon, that is all free models, and coming off the side of the land. Can the creator make extra land? Or does he need some youtube tutorials on Resizing and removing terrain. Yeah, well he should go to Youtube for some roblox tutorials on resizing in Roblox Studio. I mean, it doesn't look right.

You have a various choice of things to buy in this tycoon, but point blanc. You can't get to half of them. They're all in mid air, hanging off the side of the base. I expected some effort my fellow readers, but obviously NorthScott only cares about ROBUX and TIX.

Now, I'm going to review the scripting. Bad, nothing was made by him. I have seen all these guis in different games, and I have seen the Tycoon defaults in other games. So I don't have any greats for scripting. Oh, and did I mention you spawn on badges.


I could rant about everything, but if I did... I'd be here all day!!

I hate the scripting, I'd rather go to a game that just has a menu gui that's scripted by the creator!

Worst tools ever! Obviously free models, seen millions of other games with the same

You are so great at placing free models, NorthScott!

Problems: 9/10
Too many exploiters I have seen!

Difficulty: Very easy
Very easy, very small amount has to be paid, you don't succeed anything!

Front Cover Photo:7/10
Did appeal to me quite a bit. Until I went to the game..

Yes, the building is awful.

Fun Filling: Depends
Depends on the person you are- I guess.

0 thought, 0 brainz.

Very bad game! Made me cry!

Created by NorthScott.
Cart Ride Through Robloxia Tycoon had 434,959 place visits at the time of the review.
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