Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2-N-1 Classic Hat Review - Big and Bigger Head!

So on my last review, I made a small rant on the recently created 3.0 hats. Now, think all the way back to 2007. Yeah, hard isn't it. And, in this review I will also be reviewing 2 HATS for the price of one. Yeah, like I'm getting paid. But, without further ado, I'm more than happy to present... BIG AND BIGGER HEAD!!!


Now although in the picture, the yellow one looks bigger than the red one, the red one is indeed the biggerhead. I love the meshes on these hats, they're just like a "shell" that covers you're head. The meshes are very simple and being one of the very first hats made, it is a very nice start to ROBLOX's hats. Bighead: 10/10 Biggerhead: 10/10


Now, just like the mesh, it is a very simple texture. I like how they made them different colors so you could distinct them from each other. Yellow is a great color because that was the original "noob's" head color. Red was a little "out there" but I can see why they chose red because red is distinct from yellow. I was thinking that they could've added different faces on these but I'll go into more depth of that in the "Suggestions" section. Bighead: 10/10 Biggerhead: 10/10


This is where these hats fell a little. Although the hats are great looking, because of their size, it is hard to find a good combo for them. The bighead is much easier to find one though. If you have a headrow for it, that works perfectly well. Biggerhead, though, is harder to find a combo for. But these hats on their own looks amazing already. Another hat combo for these is adding horns to them. A viking helm could add horns. Bighead: 9/10 Biggerhead: 8/10


Bighead originally sold for 70R$ and Biggerhead originally sold for 550R$ (thanks to NonstopEpic for this info) and Bighead sold 14,302 times and Biggerhead only sold 2,126 times. Now, back in 2007, 70R$ was considered a decent amount of R$ and 550R$ was considered a lot. Rumors on the forums has it that these will go on the backlog list for limiteds. Which means, they might go limited. Some people on LMaD say that the Bighead will sell up to 5k. That's a great profit. Some people say biggerhead might even sell for 40k. Bighead: 10/10 Biggerhead: 11/10 (for obvious reasons)

User feedback:

franco3111: (towards biggerhead) DR SHamrock is rarer in stock :ooooo

Firestar1550: (again towards biggerhead) I will eat this head with pleasure.

Teamracers: :> 



1. I don't really have many suggestions for this. These are almost perfect. One of my concerns, though, is the fact that biggerhead is smaller than bighead in the picture. When I first bought bighead, I thought I had the biggest head. Then I went in-game with someone and found that they had a bigger red head (no pun intended). I thought that I was supposed to have a bigger head but it turns out that mine was actually smaller.
2. I was really hoping that you could add different faces on these heads, like a sad face for when you are sad (duh) or an angry face for when you are angry (again duh). Maybe, if ROBLOX scripted it so that the face that you put on you're original head, actually adds onto you're head, that would make these hats better.

Overall, these are almost perfect hats, and if these go limited, don't hesitate to buy one, because if you do, and the prices rise, you're head will fill up with frustration and get so big (hehe you see what I did there?) it will pop! I bought this when it was 70R$ and it was great!

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