Monday, August 20, 2012

Destroy The 51 Characters! Moan-Up Place Review

Destroy The 47 Characters!_Image

You will not believe, what I have been through for you readers tonight! I feel used. I only wanted to review a game.. But this cannot possibly be a game. This "thing" is a "thing" of destruction, and... lag. This is, Destroy The 51 Characters! Get ready because I'm about to let out a rage puddle of LAVA!

The game actually has many images, I decided that this one was the best by far. Now, the game doesn't look all that bad when you first look at the front cover, but then.. you have to do it don't you. You clicked play!! I've entered the game, there's a introduction gui that says "Welcome"... and then it says this. I see the text "Do you want to play this game?" I'm like "OMGAWSH I CAN LEAVE???!! :D" Turns out, I have no choice. Oh what kind of fake gui is that. Do you want to play the game, no I entered the game just to leave it, stupid gui. Oh great I had to click it didn't I, I clicked "yes"...

When you press "yes" you enter obviously, the game. But it turns out, that stupid gui was only covering your screen. You actually were in the game the whole time... Pointless. The game is awful anyway, you spawn in a land that gets spammed by text from regenerating models, I have no doubt that these regen scripts are free models. As the message pops up and says "Regening". Personally, I really don't need to know that. People can just stand on the regen and they'll spam the game with messages that, you know what? Aren't necessary!!! I mean, look at this mess of a "game".

The Admin/VIP room, is either free modeled or the worst room I've ever seen. No scenery, just a regen button and free tools. You also get a person to destroy every round, but you know what. Apparently I "Survived the round".. What is this, survive the disasters? On my watch, I don't think destroying monsters is surviving. It is merely playing what the game title says. When you go to the shop, yet again... It's a free model! Awful, awful shop. Who would free model a shop, have party wagons all over the game, have stupid admin and VIP at ridiculous prices for a stupid game, and have a SURVIVE THE DISASTERS SCRIPT IN A DESTROY GAME! Surely, you would make things yourself in order to maximize gameplay. I can't believe people even want to go to a place like this, this is worse than Epic Mining 2!!!!

Yet again, my Moan-Up reviews would go on for ages!! So I'm stopping here...

Scripting: 3/10
The scripting was awful, not even made by the so called "Creator"...

Tools: 10/10
Since these tools are professional and made by the gods- ROBLOX, the tools are epic.

Development: Oh yeah because this game was developed...
This game was probably whipped up with 4 clicks of a button and maybe 5 keys.

Problems: 0/10
Awful game, so many problems! ESPECIALLY THE REGEN!

Difficulty: Super easy
Not impossible, just stand in the corner - YOU GET FREE POINTZ! :D

Front Cover Photo(s): Fine
Not great, not original, but fine.

Building: 0/10
WELL DONE! Good effort!

Fun Filling: Maybe...
If you're one of those people who don't care about development and love letting your anger out on ROBLOX, then great place.
However, if you hate non-developed games and get really annoyed by them, it's not fun.

Thought: 0/10
Well done! Don't be nasty to the creator, he had to think of clicking a few buttons to get those free models inside the game.

Overall: 3/10
I feel violated...


  • Remove the game from ROBLOX.
Created by Quaz100.
At the time of the moan Destroy the [rest] had 642,904 place visits, and 16,530 favorites...

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