Monday, August 13, 2012

Place Review: Sword Fight of Imagination

     Hey guys, this is regilord here ready to my first official place review to Roblox News. Today I decided to review a not so well known place, yet those who do know it cannot resist returning. Although it isn't popular and not many people play it, it definately deserves recognition. This place is the Sword fight of Imagination by TheProfiter. It is a sword fighting level designed like the painting Relativity. It resembles a sketch and the fog level makes it seem even more so. It is also fairly new, as it was only created on 2/23/2012. The thing that showed to be the most impressive were the numerous retextures and creative names for the blades used and the imagination and care put into the creation of this place. The only thing it seemed to lack was scripting as the teleporters often broke or teleported incorrectly.

Building: 10/10
     Although it is basic the design is brilliant. It appears the creator had an artistic sense and was purposely making it look sketch like or maybe even surreal. I'm guessing this why the name includes imagination. On the note of imagination the cloud distance, which is very large as you can see most of the map, allows it to seem clouded or thought like. The creator, much like an author of a book obviously thought of his audience and became them. Also the strategic placement of sword givers allows you to obtain a better sword while fleeing and allow you to strike back with a much greater force than te linked sword. And as a final note, since there are numerous ways around, up and down, escape can be extremely easy. 

Scripting: 8/10
     There is very little scripting shown off in this beautifully designed place. But the one thing worth mentioning is the spawn teleporters. It's kind of a method of anti spawn killing. First off there is a separate spawn room where you have force fields and no gear. In each corner of the square rooms are teleporters to the map. Each teleporter serves the same purpose. It brings you to a separate corner of the map where your force field is removed and the linked sword is given to you. The part I like about these teleporters is the fact that after one person chooses one, they cannot be followed and ambushed. The next person has to choose a separate teleporter. This highly reduces your chances of being spawn killed. Other scripts included a simple shop gui, a points system for kills, and teleports to jump to various places on the map.

Gameplay: 10/10
     The map messes with your head sometimes is all I can really say. You almost never take the same path twice and you actually forget how to get places. This of course, is not a bad thing. It inspires curiosity, and confusion making your brain work twice as hard as it would at a sword fighting place such as Sword Fights on the Heights which is easily navigable and learned. If this game was easy to remember where you were it would be less fun as it would seem simple and the same as any other sword fighting game. But what makes it really fun is it's small yet it the map travels up and down as well as left and right adding a three dimensional aspect to it.

Popularity in the Community: 6/10
     Some seemed to know their way around pretty well so it bummed them out a little, but due to this they knew the exact locations of spawns. Using this tactic they ruined the fun of many users by spawn killing and not letting the others have a chance. The only problem is if your not a huge fan of artistic games or sword fighting this game will get boring quick. But of course for me it did not seem to be the least amount of boring.

Popularity to Me: 10/10
     I loved it. The confusion, the clouding, the artistic time put into, absolutely every thing about it. Plus my favorite genre of games just happens to be sword fighting, as it's actually an aspect of roblox I'm good at. When I clicked the ad I was immediately drawn in and wanted to play. I jumped in and just used the linked sword and had fun. Honestly I say its the best sword fighting game since SFOTH It's simple yet complex and I loved it. Since I'm a huge fan of game art (even though it lags my internet) I knew I wanted to review it from the start because it reminded me of the painting Relativity. One of my favorite paintings. 

Overall Score: 9/10

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