Saturday, August 25, 2012

RAMP 1000000 RANT Review

Lookit how cool that is. It's like, a car and no one is driving and it's standing still and it's really stupid and... need I go on?
Alright, before I start this RANT off I'd like to make fun of the name. It says RAMP 1000000. 1000000 what? Feet? Meters? Miles? Lightyears? Inches? The title doesn't even make sense! It just says RAMP 1000000. If you're going to make a game make sure the title makes sense. Name it something like, "Ride down a 100000 mile ramp" or something. I mean seriously! Are you really that lazy? Anyway, on to the review.
Gameplay 0/10
Getting stuck because of a crack.
If you enjoy lagging down small ramps then this game is for you. The basic goal of this game is to ride down an obviously free modeled ramp in obviously free modeled cars to a large baseplate with random items that server no purpose. Oh, and those items are also free models. Surprise! Anyway, there isn't even a winner's spawn at the end so every time you die you have to go through the whole thing again. There is no enjoyment at all
Effort 0/10
There was no effort. He basically looked in the free models and clicked the things that looked cool. He didn't even space them properly. Also, the place is plagued by constant messages popping up saying "Regen" and stuff like that which gets really annoying after awhile.
Creavity 0/10
There is nothing new about this. It's just another ramp game, or should I say RAMP.
Overall 0/10
  • Take your computer, cover it with barbecue sauce, go outside, put your computer on a grill or in a fireplace or something like that, douse it with lighter fluid, light a match, and burn it.
  • Don't get a new computer after completing the above step.
  • Don't play this game, unless of course you want to laugh at it.
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Place Reviewed: RAMP 1000000

Reviewed by: Banjobug