Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello, I'm Regilord.

     Hey guys, I'm regilord. I'm sorry for being so late with this, but I just finished a week at camp without service and I was rudely cut off from the outside world. But without further ado, this would just about the time I start my bio.

     I guess it's proper to state why and what I am doing here and I view that as a fine place to start. Since around December 2011 I have been avidly reading Roblox News and been hoping for an opening. When I saw a job opening for place reviewer I lunged for it but I did not get the job, yet I did get an article published. Catalog Heaven has been my first and only article ever published and it was what inspired me to join RN as an intern. Sadly I was told it was basically a sure fire way in if I had a decent application which, after an edit or two, I did. So it wasn't much of a challenge to get in. 

     I first heard of Roblox sometime in September 2008 from a group of my closest friends at the time, and one time I went over to his house and I decided to join. It took me an hour to come up with a name that didn't use numbers. It happened to be regilord. A name of which the origin only me and the friend know. I you want to know the embarrassing origin you can pm me or tweet me. I deny to openly say it on the world wide web. In 2012 around April I quit for about a month or two, but boredom, emptiness, and twitter followers brought me back. Everyone must admit there is a time where you want to quit and sometimes you do, but something always brings you back.

     I don't really play games all that much unless I'm testing my games, just hanging out, or if it catches my eye. I'm normally just foruming or checking out all the cool things I can't afford in the catalog. But you can always catch me in the same classic games such as the original SFOTH. And the only thing I've seemed to forgot to say is I'm a place reviewing intern for Banjobug. I guess that's all, until next time fellow readers.

     If you want to reach me or ask me anything pm me or contact my twitter @regilord. I'd be more than happy to talk to you or answer any questions.