Friday, August 10, 2012

Gifts of Olympia!

As the Olympics are coming to an end with only 2 and a half days remaining, I thought it would be fitting to release a few items to commemorate the event. Over the next three days I will be releasing 4 Olympic themed gifts for users to take. They will only be available for a very short time and will be very collectable.

Only one gift will be available at a time, and will be ablaze for the period it on sale. Once all three medal gifts have been released; they will be set alight one last time on the day of the closing ceremony to mark the end of the Olympics!

Bronze Gift of Olympia

Bronze Gift of Olympia!
This gift is available today - Friday 10th August.

Silver Gift of Olympia 

Silver Gift of Olympia!
This gift will be available tomorrow - Saturday 11th August (my Birthday!)

Gold Gift of Olympia

Gold Gift of Olympia!
This gift will be available the day after tomorrow - Sunday 12th August (Olympic Closing Ceremony)


This gift will be available some time on Sunday 12th August


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