Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey, I'm Phantomazing!

Hello! My name is Phantomazing, and I'm a summer intern for Roblox News! I'll be making some graphics for this site, including banners for the sliding banner above. I'm very exited to be working at RN! :)

I first heard of this Roblox sometime around June 2010 when a couple friends at school told me about it. When they mentioned it was an online construction game, I was immediately interested in joining. Then over a year later, Jesse005, one of my friends who told me about Roblox, said he became an intern for Roblox News. I've been reading this blog ever since. Also, I've made some logos for the site in the past, including the Roblox News Egg Hunt logo and the Roblox News Sword Fighting Tournament emblem.

What I do on Roblox nowadays is retexture, make clothing, ads, logos, and other graphics, and play games every now and them.

I'm shadowing TREVOR818730, and coordinating with Flingi2.

If you wish to contact me, send me a PM on Roblox or @Phantomazing a tweet on Twitter.