Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lord of the Federation Hat Review

Lord of the Federation

ROBLOX just recently released this new limited item, called the Lord of the Federation. It's a pretty cool crown, but I like to call this hat "one of the most insane limited items in the history of ROBLOX." This is why. This hat has only 10 copies in existence. In other words, this is ultra rare. Here's the insane part though. The original price of this hat was 250,000 robux. That is insane, because only a few people on ROBLOX actually have that much. This hat would have been a better profit maker if it was originally 100,000 robux, but I'm going to explain why ROBLOX just made one of the most priciest limiteds in this review.

Mesh: 9/10

The mesh of this crown is probably one of the best crown meshes I have seen. It has a huge diamond with stars on the front along with small crescent moons. It also has small little pearls around the front of the rim. It's very unique and sci-fi, the only problem I have is that the back is very plain and dull.

Texture: 10/10

This crown has two main colors: gold and blue. The gold is perfect, and it looks like real solid gold. The blue is very cool as well and has a nice hue. The colors blend in perfectly with each other and it looks very nice and realistic.

Style: 10/10

When you wear just this crown on your head alone, you look very rich and powerful. There are likely many hat combos that would go good with this hat as well. It fits on your head perfectly and makes you look royal in game.

Profit: 1/10

This hat is extremely rare with only 10 in existence, but like I said earlier it should have been 100,000 instead of 250,000 robux. Immediately when it came out, many got mad and said that this new crown is just meant to make rich people richer. Others started up some really fake rumor about this hat pointing towards a dominus coming out soon. Though soon enough, some people started to realize this hat is actually meant to remove 2.5 million robux from the economy. According to Zombie Tower creator and investor Nooooooo (N7), the lowest people who got this will sell it for is 360,000 because the buyers don't want to lose profit, but thing is barely anyone has that much and no one would buy that crown for that much. People would rather buy a dominus than the crown. The only useful thing about this crown is that the owners can probably trade it for other rare items. When the crown first came out, it was impossible to trade because of a glitch in which no one could trade it until someone sold it. (The crown can be traded now. Also many have found a new glitch in which people can make them limited items impossible to trade or sell, but hopefully this glitch will be fixed soon.) Investor chocolate545 also said that when it comes to this crown, the only person who will profit from it is the owner who Merely, the famous limited collector, buys it from. The others have likely just wasted 250,000 on a crown that they will never sell but can try to trade for another rare item.

TL;DR version: you can make zero profit from this crown, but you can probably trade it for other rare limiteds. Don't buy it, instead trade for it if you really want it.

Overall: 7/10

It's a very cool and good looking crown, but it was not at all worth 250,000, and it was extremely rare.

Here's a link to Nooooooo's opinion on the crown, and here's a link to chocolate545's opinion as well.