Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shady Business Hat Critique

Shady Business Hat

Hmmm. Well isn't this something? From a glance, it's just like any other fedora. Same sort of style. But people don't look further into it. It's style resembles a type of hat that is highly looked at as a famous hat. Yes, I am talking about the classic fedora and the Sparkle Time Fedoras. The actual design and the name of it suggests that this is worn by "Shady Businessmen" AKA The Mafia (And they sure have done well  in capturing that theme). It is also very realistic, and can appeal to many players, not just because it's a fedora, but that it's a good alternative to lashing out 1000's of R$ on a classic fedora (Not saying that they will not want the classic though).

As I said earlier on, it looks as if this was meant to represent 2 other hats. and this is the picture showing us the comparison:

First off. There is a likeness to the other hats, though not exact. First of all, it's the same sort of style, it's slightly flat, just like the classics. Though if there is one thing that doesn't match it, it the size. It's been made fairly smaller.

The positioning is also very similar to the classics. As seen on this character.
It's almost as if it was to almost represent the classics.
Just like below. But there are obvious differences.
The brim on the classic is lower and wider. but that's pretty much the only obvious differences. (Thanks to shadow888888880 for the character)

This hat is priced at 1000 R$. A very decent price considering what is looks like. It's a price worth paying for it. (And I should know, I bought it myself). But don't take my word for it.

Comments from ROBLOX:

Posted 1 hour ago by jumbochris1995
Oh man, I want this.

Posted 1 hour ago by tomcis147
holy cow

Posted 2 hours ago by rikublade4817
At least its a decent hat we hadnt seen a decent hat in a while

LordL3git: I really want it but I spent all of mah moneh because im so dumb I have a feeling once it is limited it will go big.

IBLackoutzz: I love it. I bought it.

Though, many people are opposed to this fedora, due to the fact it's said to be designed for the 3.0 bodies. But frankly in my opinion, it suits 1.0, 2.0 AND 3.0 So I don't know what they are complaining about..

The hat is also timed and goes offsale in 2 days, and it already has over 900 sales. (A popular hat indeed)

tl;dr A good hat that looks like a classic, worth buying.

Thank you for reading, Also, suggest other hats I could critique.