Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crafting System: Good Idea?

So I was browsing my twitter one day and I saw a tweet by Shedletsky with the blog post on Roblox's Blog. It was about the upcoming Crafting System. When I first saw this blog my literal reaction was "OH MAH GAWD MINECRAFT RIPOFF", and I even ranted about it on LMaD. Then someone (forgot who) told me that I was hadn't read the entire blog and so I reread it and it made so much sense to me. Here are some pictures of the Crafting System.

I was thinking that this was a very good idea, especially for NBCers (if this system is for NBCers). Let's say you have really good items but you either don't have the money for a better item or you aren't BC and you can't trade. You can recycle your old gears/hats that you don't want that would have their own supplies (i.e. Sword Pack is made with 2x Polished Steel). And you would want to make your own DarkAge Ninja Swordpack (which is made from 3x Polished Steel and 1x Shard of Darkheart). You'd almost be there!

I thought this was a great idea because it would help investors alot! If you wanted a Dominus Emp, but you didn't have the money or no limiteds, you could recycle your older hats/gears that you don't want and try to get the Dominus Emp. This is a great idea and, although it seems like MineCraft, it would help the ROBLOX economy and it would decrease the inflation by getting rid of older hats. 

One flaw, is that if you were to recycle your limited item, that would make the limited item more rare, which would also make the price raise causing inflation.

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