Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roblox Studio 2.0: A step in the right direction?

Now, as we may know. Roblox studio 2.0 is in progression and currently being made by the ROBLOX admins. Roblox studio 2.0 is actually better than some users expect it to be. Personally, I like ROBLOX Studio 2.0, but the loss of some building tools has annoyed me. I don't use the default move and resize tools. I use the old ones from years ago (I find them more reliable). But a lot of new people like the newest building tools. Studio 2.0 is a very nice update, they have made the interface designs better, made it easier to control, and less confusing. I can't wait until this is out of BETA and ready to be used.

I would like Studio or Studio 2.0 to be an option so you don't have to use 2.0 if you don't want to. I took a look at 2.0 and I found it very nice. I do like it lots, but I still prefer studio 1.0. They have now in Studio 2.0 made math.() be highlighted in blue when writing scripts, so I like that lots. Although I would prefer it if they added auto-tabbing so that you don't have to keep tapping the tab button to organize your scripts.

Overall, studio 2.0 is a great addition, for all those Newbies and Old Robloxians. It's fun to build with, but still has some flaws I hate so much. I loved old tools that moved/resized things. But now we have to use those new ones in it, I would use 1.0 more.

Thanks for reading this short post.

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