Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blazing Summer Shades Review

It's almost summer - Heat is in the air, sweat is on the skin, people are feeling good. ROBLOX is keeping up with the summer feel, too, bringing some new summer hats into the catalog. Today I'm going to review Blazing Summer Shades

Blazing Summer Shades
Mesh: 10/10

These shades are great. regular old shades, but with large suns on each of the lenses. It's unique and original for an addition to the tons of ROBLOX shades. The suns have a background, with large rays coming off, and a foreground with smaller rays coming off. The shades themselves look like classical old shades with huge lenses and temples (the temples are the end things that go on your ears, and yes I'm getting all this vocabulary on Google) such as the ones on Secret Agent Shades.

Texture: 9/10

The texture is also nice, blue glasses to probably represent the sky, and orange-yellow rims making up the suns. The texture isn't perfect though - king of bland if you ask me. Some clouds or more colors in the suns would add a nice touch of 'heat' to the shades themselves.

Price: 8/10

A nice pair of shades plus ROBLOX's bad pricing system equals an overpriced pair of shades that don't get the attention they deserve. They are priced at 250 robux. If you were to ask for my opinion, though I'm sure nobody cares (sniffle) - I would price them at 100 robux at the cheapest. These shades currently have 142 sales at the time this was written but they were made three days ago. These are great shades, but the price lets them down.

I recently came up with a new idea to add to my hat reviews - "Compared to..." where I compare the hat/gear/face/package/head/whatever to another item in the catalog priced at the same price.

Compared to...

Gravity Coil
Gravity Coil
A great, classic gear, helping you jump to very high places in games it is allowed, it also prices at 250 robux, and it is, honestly, a lot more worth it than those shades.

The Katana is another classic gear, being the first katana of many. It is a powerful sword, allowing you to slice through your foes using the original sword script. Katana is also 250 robux, once again better worth it than those shades.

Midnight Shades
Midnight Shades
Once again, another classic item priced at 250 robux. These shades are great, currently my second favorite pair of shades that I own after W. Incs.

Overall: 8/10

These shades really aren't bad, they look great, though a little bland. The one problem I have with them is the price, 250 robux. A bit overpriced if you asked me. Compared to other items in the same price range, these shades are not the best. Though if you have the money to spare and want to look really "hot," these are the shades for you.