Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Midsummer Night's Sale Overview!

ROBLOX once again did another sale, this one more unexpected than previous sales. In a Midsummer Night's Sale, the theme of the sale seemed to be many night-themed limiteds. Except, this sale was very different from previous sales, as it had no user retextures and every item came out either late night or early morning. Each hour a new item would come out, and sometimes the wait was worth it, sometimes not. I'll admit the timing was not the best for this sale, as it became really tiring just staying up for limiteds plus it's not really good to stay up all night. The bigger items were released right around the morning, so there were many who raged about staying up. Anyways, this sale however did have much more profit than previous sales.

Green Starface  

The first item to come out was the Green Starface, the first of the starface series. It was at the cheap price of 50 robux, but was overstocked at 15000 in stock. It sold out the next day and it isn't profiting much.

Starlight Shades

After an entire hour of lag and site crashes because people were refreshing the site for limiteds, two more items came out (probably to make up the item that was supposed to come out an hour after the Green Starface, because ROBLOX said that on twitter). The Starlight Shades were 100 robux and had only 2500 in stock, so they sold out pretty quickly. The shades aren't making much profit now.

Sleepy Owl Friend

The Sleep Owl Friend came out right after the Starlight Shades, and was 250 robux. This was a night exclusive, and went offsale right after midnight. However, this hat didn't seem to be very popular with users, as less than 1000 were sold.

Shooting Star

One hour later came midnight. Users in the Lets Make a Deal forum were expecting the Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora, which the texture was leaked earlier (and soon the item id would be leaked) because it has the word "midnight" in it. The forumers were disappointed to discover that the only thing that came out at midnight was a Shooting Star. BrightEyes also confirmed that it won't come out until three more hours, and it probably won't be 10,000 robux. However, Shedletsky also said that BrightEyes might be trolling. Anyways, the Shooting Star was 25 robux and was confirmed to go limited the next day. It went limited, and with about 6000 in stock it has made some good small profit.

Midnight Blue Shaggy

The next item to come out was the Midnight Blue Shaggy, a item that was 1000 robux with 500 in stock and made extreme unexpected profit. It is now worth around 30,000 robux, and the owners have been making great profit trading it!

Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora

One hour later, the long awaited Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora came out at 50,000 robux with the normal 100 in stock. This was to prevent a quick-sellout and botters (though honestly if you had 50,000 robux you could probably still have botted it). It did do a good job however at preventing botters. Many users were disappointed because they saved up 10000 robux to buy it, and this Sparkle Time Fedora is considered to have the worst texture of any Sparkle Time. (It's literally an inversion of the Sparkle Time Fedora texture; not much effort.) However like any Sparkle Time it has made massive profit.

Tennis Racket

The first gear for the sale, the Tennis Racquet, came out an hour later for 250 robux. This gear allows you to smash the racquet into other players heads, for some comical fun.

Cool Moon Shades

Next up was the Cool Moon Shades, which were only 100 robux and timed. These shades are a bit big, but look somewhat bluesteel-ish and are good for combos.

Blue Starface

After the shades came the next starface, the Blue Starface. This one was only 100 robux but had 7500 in stock, making it once again overstocked. It has made a small profit, but not much.

Oberon Guardia

The next hat was the Oberon Guardia, a nice blue re-color of the classic Guardia Helm. It was only 250 robux and nonlimited. 

Chalk Sword

The Chalk Sword came out an hour after the Oberon Guardia, nonlimited and priced only at 450 robux. This sword functions like a normal sword but it has a second function; you can switch between sword mode and drawing mode.

Purple Starface

Next up was the final starface, the Purple Starface. This starface was finally stocked right, as it was only 150 robux with 1000 in stock. It quickly sold out and raised to 2,000 robux, but has now dropped to 1,000 robux. It profited massively compared to the other starfaces.

Instant Treehouse

An hour afterwards came the Instant Treehouse, arguably my favorite of the Midsummer gears (and also the most popular among users). It only costed 300 robux, and with it you can spawn a giant treehouse that you can walk into! It's fun to mess around with in games and spawn tons of treehouses, which is why I like this gear.

Royal Faerie Wings

Next up was the long awaited Royal Faerie Wings, a nice admin made retexture of the Faerie Wings. These wings were limited with 1000 in stock and only 1000 robux. They sold out extremely quick and raised up to 3000 robux, but are now 2000 robux. These wings were another great source of profit for investors. 

Human Rocket

The last gear, called the Human Rocket, came out for 600 robux. This gear allows you to drop a rocket, and whoever steps onto it is flung into the air and comes down on a parachute.

ROBLOX Hexagon Headphones

These ROBLOX Hexagon Headphones were the last item of the sale, limited at only 100 robux with 3000 in stock. They did small profit and were a good, unexpected final item for the sale.

Even though this sale required staying up really late, it was probably the best sale yet for investors and (hopefully) this is the end of the Sparkle Time series. Rumors are spreading that there will be another sale on July 4th, so I'd advise you to save up some robux. Even if there isn't a sale, there's still bound to be limiteds. Also, try to have at least 2,000 robux or more to get the rest of the profitable summer limiteds ROBLOX releases every once in awhile.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager