Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hat Review: Starlight Shades

Starlight Shades
Starlight Shades
Mesh/Texture - 8/10
The mesh is just another simple-looking shades mesh. Can't really describe any special attribute to it. The texture, though, looks quite cool. The lens of the shades are covered in stars, making it look like space. The rim of the shades alternates between black and a sort of turqoise color and looks very shiny. I gave it an 8/10 because...well, there are already more than 50 "shades" on roblox. Lack of originality.

Price: 10/10
The Starlight Shades were priced originally at 100 robux, a good price for a pair of shades, and stocked at 2500 in existence. Being shades, a high-demanded type of item, they were obviously going to profit. They started raising fast, going to prices of 500 robux or more, and settled at a price of around 300 after the sale ended. Small profit, but profit either way.

Overall: 9/10
Although released as a ridiculous time, these shades were priced well, stocked well, and profited as expected by most users. They probably won't be raising any time soon, so if you're getting them, get them for the looks, not the money.