Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gear Review: Cheifjustus Gavel

Hello! Pbjms here with another gear review. This time I'll be reviewing the new independence day gear, dedicated to Cheifjustus, the Cheifjustus Gavel.

Chiefjustus Gavel
"Dispense justice for all with this oversized justice gavel. Dispense justice even faster with it's secret moves! Not unlike a ban hammer if I do say so myself..."


This mesh is really nice. It looks like an ordinary gavel, used to call for different court commands from the judge. Well, it's not. It's a huge gavel, probably about the size of your robloxian. In-game, you even have to use two hands to hold it. The handle comes to a point that looks kind of like a drumstick,  and the larger part has two circular ends. Looks like a real, oversized gavel to me, so it gets a 10/10.


The texture is also nice, the gavel really shows it's United States spirit. The center of the larger part is blue with a line of stars, surrounded by lines of red and blue. On each end is a star lined with blue. The gavel itself is plain brown, with shadows to make it pop. Honestly, it seems a little plain to me. There could have been more stars and stripes to really get the United States feel to it. The gavel looks nice, but a bit plain, I'll give it a 9/10.


This gavel is amazing. There are three different attacks, normal slam, jump slam, and the spin attack. The normal slam just has your character raise the gavel into the air, and then slam it to the ground. This attack does 100% damage, killing your enemy instantly. The jump slam occurs when you double-click your mouse. You jump high into the air, and then fall down with the gavel ready to slam to the ground. Red, white, and blue stripes fall from the gavel as you fall. This attack does 30% damage, though if your enemy just stands there, you can most likely kill him/her in one smash. The spin attack occurs when you press and hold the 'q' key. You spin around in a circle, with your gavel held out. Each hit to your enemy does about 10% damage. The one problem with the spin attack is that your character can sometimes get stuck in "auto-spin-mode" as I call it, where you just randomly spin around. 10/10 for sure.


This gavel is priced at 1,500 Robux, it is also timed, set to go off-sale around July 4th, 7:00 Eastern Standard Time, which is about 6 days after it was made, and it is also Independence Day. At the time this was written, it has about 500 sales, less than a day after it was made. At this rate, it will have about 2,500 sales when it goes off-sale, if it goes limited, it may not do so well. 1,500 Robux is pretty expensive, but the gear is really nice. If it goes limited, it may not be that great of an investment, so I'm giving this category a 8/10.

Compared to.. (9/10)

Bling Shades

Bling Shades

These shades were made in 2011, and have about 2,400 sales. So they aren't that big with the community, plus they aren't the greatest looking. These are defiantly worse than the gavel.

Air Strike

This gear was made about 10 months ago, and has about 7,000 sales. It lets you call in an airstrike to drop bombs on your enemies if they are within the area sellected. It's a great gear, but it's easy to dodge the strike. These are probably worse than the gavel, but not by far.

Korblox General

Korblox General

Korblox General is a package in 2011. It is a classic korbloxian package, and looks nice for roleplayers. I'm going to say this is a bit better than the gavel.

Overall: 9/10

This is a great, overpowered gear. It looks nice, and goes great with an independence day look. Compared to other items with the same price this gear is probably one of the best.