Saturday, June 22, 2013

Interview with alexrocks911!

Today I bring you an interview with alexrock911; an avid forumer with 5922 posts to his name (as of writing). The theme of today's question revolves around improving the ROBLOX experience. 

alexrocks911Q. When did you join ROBLOX? What were your first thoughts of the game? 
A. I joined in the early 2012. My friend recommended ROBLOX to be and I decided to give it a shot! My first thoughts of this game, It was making a good impression. I felt welcome by most users. It was a fun game and still is!

Q. What was the most enticing aspect of the site when you first joined? Why?
A. Well, I think the Games and Forum were the most entricing aspect when I first joined. Games on the front page were good back then and they were very convincing to play. The Forum was a fun aspect of the site, I met new friends there, had fun with other robloxians. And hey! I bet you'll run into me if you forum in ATR!

Q. What did ROBLOX offer that other MMOs and sandboxes didn't?
A. ROBLOX offered Premium Membership that gives you cool features that you'll TOTALLY enjoy. The front page of games is something only ROBLOX has. (Well, I think, lol.) ROBLOX features exclusive benefits if you have Builder's Club.. including Daily Robux, Personal Servers, Abilities to sell items, MORE ACTIVE PLACES, Make Shirts & Pants, Advertise, and a LOT more.

Q. Do you believe seasonal/holiday ROBLOX events benefit the ROBLOX community? Why? 
A. Yes, I believe seasonal/holiday ROBLOX events benefit the ROBLOX community. It helps robloxians be more "excited" about the holiday.
EXAMPLE: ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2013 - Users had to find eggs. The holiday was for Easter. I think ROBLOXians got more intrigued to participating in the ROBLOX Event AND the real life holiday. Pretty Fun!

Q. What recent new release has had the greatest positive impact on ROBLOX?
A. I think Dynamic Lighting had a MASSIVE positive impact on ROBLOX. Most of the games on ROBLOX have Dynamic Lighting, they're pretty cool too!
(Hey - If you're going to make a Dynamic Lighting place: Try it out with Personal Servers and Terrain. Mines is coming out great so far)

Q. If you were a ROBLOX client engineer for the day, what would you add to Studio 3.0 to improve user experience? 
A. I would add a Mesh Importer GUI. Like you open it up, There will be 2 buttons, A "Choose Mesh File" and a "Choose Texture File". Yes, it would be a plugin users would have to download. I would also add a faster way to load Basic Objects.
EXAMPLE: You quickly type in in the command bar, "load Script" or "load BoolValue".

Q. If you were a member of ROBLOX's customer service team, how might you improve their service? 
A. I would improve ROBLOX's customer service. It would be faster to get a response. There would be more actual people at info@roblox (Not the bots - As you all hate). There would be a queue list. Before sending your issue/concern, there would be a 5 star rating. (red stars). If you have 5 stars (VERY IMPORTANT), it would be moved up in the Queue. If you put a 1 star rating, you would be at the end of the queue list since it's not a HUGE concern or anything like that.

Q. What effect do you believe the recent multiple limited copy feature had on the ROBLOX economy?
A. I think it was a good idea. There are pros and cons about it.
PROS: More of the same limited, more profit, you can trade more of the same limited.
CONS: Hoarders who buy a lot of the same limited and project the limited. 

[oh and Merely, if you're reading this - Stop hoarding. You're just wasting robux. ;)] 

Q. If you were to add new materials to Studio 3.0, what would they be?
A. A better script design. Like, when you open a script, there will be a help button on the top left corner. When you open it, It will open up a little popup with a few basic commands like this:
"if then - These statements are to check if this is CORRECT, then [this happens]
end - Ends this/these script(s)
wait() - Waits a few seconds/minutes until something happens. You can insert a number in the parenthesis"

Q. Where do you see ROBLOX in 5 years time? 
A. I see it upgrading a lot. I see better moderation, better ideas, more contests, more moderators to keep the community safe. And a lot of fun! In General - I think ROBLOX in 5 years would be great. I will definitely be there in 5 years to check it. Cya!

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News