Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rant Review: Despicable Me 2!

Just to clarify, before I start this ridiculous series of moaning and groaning I would like to point out that this game is not despicable me, and contains false advertising; therefore you should report this game for false advertising. Now, this game changed it's name during the writing of it's review, it can now be found as '1,000 ways to die!'

Recently, I have noticed that games, such as this game have had their title changed by their "creators" just for a quick scheme of visits. I believe this should be against the rules on ROBLOX, idiots like the creator of this game taking over the front-page with random names that don't even match the objective of the game.

The objective of this game, is 'Disaster Hotel', a game that was not made by the creator, I have seen Disaster Hotel on many game accounts and I remember the first ever Disaster Hotel; it was definitely not made by 'FatAsABlock'.

The front image of the game clearly states that the game is Despicable Me 2; yet it is not. How can this be? I don't know, but I don't think creators should be allowed to change the name of their game for more visits; I think it's outrageous and unfair for those users who spend hours; hours and hours, just to create a good game for the community and yet are not noticed. I think it's pathetic, and cruel.

On this game, the GUIs lack imagery of which the user will find attractive, meaning the layout is sloppy, the textures are ugly and even with 'Ambient Occlusion' on the game still looks a mess, it's like when you see a Shark on land, it just doesn't add up or look right.

As I was saying, if the game was made by the creator of Disaster Hotel then I would be happy; even then I find the game has a lack of building, but with a real creator, I will not find it that bad. I will find it much more amusing and comfortable in it.

Disaster Hotel itself isn't a very good game all-in-all, back when it was first developed, I found it pretty fun and time-consuming, but ever since players have been stealing it and trying to make it their own as well as a quick scheme for ROBUX, it has become a game I really do not appreciate. As it has too many copies and too many players visit the copies; I've forgotten the original creator's name, but I do remember the original game when it was on it's first version.

Scripting: 0/10
I do not like people who do not create games by themselves.

Building: 0/10
Bro, do you even build?

Overall: 0/10
All-in-all I find this game very annoying and false. Do not play it, and report it for it's false advertising.

[UPDATE]: This game has now been content deleted, I believe the moderators have discovered the false advertising as I reported this game yesterday.

Thanks for reading,
~Zakary Wilson