Monday, June 17, 2013

Hat Review: #1 Dad

#1 Dad
 #1 Dad
Mesh: 10/10
There isn't much to say about the mesh, it's very simple-looking. A casual cap higher on the back of the head than in the front with a small flap coming out at the fronts. There's a circle pin on the side of the hat near the front that stands out. I like the mesh because it's brand new and not a retexture of another unknown hat.

Texture: 10/10
The cap has a brown plaid texture, many lines and strips of different shades of brown moving in a slight diagonal tilt towards the bottom of the hat. The pin on the side of the hat says "#1 Dad", like the name of the hat suggests, a perfect hat for Father's Day.

Price: 9/10
The price was a small 25 robux, a good price for a Father's Day hat. Affordable for any BC member, and NBC members who have saved their tickets for a while. As greedy as this may sound, it should've been cheaper. A celebratory Father's Day hat shouldn't be affordable to only BCers and a minority of NBCers. I remember last Father's Day[or the one before], they made a Father's Day Card gear for only about 3 robux., a very fair price. But overall this price is nice and cheap for most of roblox.

Overall: 9.5/10
Casual, good-looking and cheap, this overall was a good Father's Day hat to release. I'd suggest buying it if it's still on-sale, it will most likely go offsale like the Mother's Day hat.