Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Alien Survival by Droideka1

Alien Survival is certainly an interesting concept, "robloxifying" the Aliens franchise. But does the game live up to the name and expectations of the players? Well, let's find out. In this review I will be using very few screenshots to keep the game a surprise.

Upon entering you're greeted with a pretty fancy intro, that zooms around what I assume is an alien and then pans the camera into a logo saying "Alien Survival". After that you're thrown into the game with three tools,

Flamethrower- Has very limited ammo, mostly used to burn aliens to death, and does that quite nicely.

Pistol- A good amount of ammo, but it's doubtful you'll use it since the flamethrower is much more effective overall.

Flashlight- Pretty much just a block that puts out light, but it will become one of your most useful tools as you roam throughout the map.

Now for your HUD, you will see an indicator next to 4 robloxians with numbers on their shirts, and next to them it will say  alive, unknown, or deceased. I'll explain the point of this a bit later on.
Next you have your ammo indicator, that well, displays your ammo.
A radar that will beep when you are close to an alien or infected ally. Also a timer, that will count down until the end of the round.

Now, your objective of Alien Survival is to ensure the safety of 4 civilian AI that will roam about the map, so you and your team must work together to keep tabs on them at all times.
There are no AI aliens if I remember correctly, but 1-2 players will usually go to the Alien nest and start to roam about the map killing off the civilians or you. There is an alien map usually in the center, touch an egg and get a facehugger put on you to begin the transformation process.

Maps are somewhat linear, sometimes more spread out, there are always long underground tunnels you can take but aliens usually roam these.


Building seems to be relatively simple, besides your dropship at the beginning at each mission, but it works out nicely in the style of the game. Each map features doors you can close to keep the aliens out.

The design on the aliens is nice, skeletal but good use on the meshes.

There are only 3-4 maps if I remember correctly.


Alien Survival is a fairly unique idea, while there have been a lot of "alien survival" games, none in the style of the "Aliens" franchise.

The Good

The game features a pretty tactical style of gameplay since you have to keep tabs on the civilians to make sure they aren't killed by aliens, but usually you won't get to experience it fully since most of the players in the game pay no attention to them. Being able to burn infected teammates to death is also pretty nice, it gives me a "deception infection" feel.

Playing as the alien I can say, is fun. Lurking around in the tunnels as a lone, ungaurded player roams around and then mauling them to death is satisfying in the least.

Dynamic lighting around the maps immerses you into the game nicely, especially the outdoor maps.

The Bad

Now, I see potential here, but the biggest problem with the game lies within the players. The biggest thing is, no one pays attention to the civilians and just lets them die off, which ruins the point of the game, aren't you supposed to PROTECT them? Another problem is within the gameplay, but it's a problem nonetheless, once all of the civilians are killed, the game should reset, yes? Well, no. The game does not reset after the civilians are killed, even though it's the objective, instead you have to wait about 15 minutes for the map to reset and the process starts all over again.

Don't let this happen to you D:

Alien Survival is a fun game if you can get past the problems, which are minor but need to be addressed if possible. So if you have time to kill or are a fan of the Aliens series, I recommend you check this out.

For the best experience I'd recommend getting a few friends to roleplay with, and play in first person.

But, before we go, onto the suggestions I have.


  • Make the round reset after all 4 civilians are killed, I'd rather not wait 15 minutes for the game to reset.
  • Make AI aliens  Turns out there ARE AI aliens, they just usually appear in an empty server.
  • Give players more of an incentive to protect the civilians and not go recklessly off into the nest
  • Add some interesting gimmicks to maps, like alternative paths.

That marks off my first of many reviews, although it's nowhere near my best work I wanted to get this out as soon as possible, and no I don't do rating systems.

Feedback is appreciated.