Friday, June 21, 2013

Maroon Marvel Hat Review

“I had an inheritance from my father,
It was the moon and the sun.
And though I roam all over the world,
The spending of it’s never done.”

Mesh- 9/10 I do like this mesh. A winged steampunk top hat. I appreciate all the bands and chains that went into the mesh. The only part I dislike is that this looks too much like the Prosperous Gent Hat. It’s got that belt thing going on as the band. But nonetheless an interesting mesh.

Texture- 10/10 This texture is very cool. It is sort of like the RGC 2012 top hat. It is a blood crimson and black color, with some white for a band, and the wings. (OT: Has anybody read a farewell to arms? “Your blood coagulates beautifully”) Anyway, I wonder if ROBLOX made crimsonpunk just to go with this hat. They’d fit well together.

Price- 7/10 I like this hat. It is a centerpiece of your avatar, and would look great with some goggles. My only problem is the price of it. 1000 isn’t that much, but you probably won’t get anything back from it. It does not work with HatBot, and the hat is sort of small on your character. I prefer Timeless top hat over this, or maybe Steampunk Sampson, as it is a lower price and fits with HatBot.

Overall 8.5/10
This hat would be the centerpiece of your avatar, perfect for any steampunk look. It didn't score so high because of its price, and because it is generally small on your character. If you need something to go with crimsonpunk and you've got some money to blow, then this is the hat for you!