Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spotlight: Dungeon Delver

"Dungeon Delver"

Note: This review is insanely outdated and I will be revisiting Dungeon Delver soon, so stay tuned.
Dungeon Delver is unlike anything I've seen on Roblox to be honest, a top-down TPS? Sure, but a top-down dungeon crawler? I'm quite interested.

Upon entering the game you are greeted by a menu that has two buttons, Load Game, which will, well, load your saved game. New Game, which will take you to the character creation screen that allows you to customize your character, and pick from one of the 5 classes; Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Paladin, or Necromancer
  • Warrior - Warrior - Wields a sword, mace, axe or a two handed axe, or hammer, only has a shield, cannot dual wield (as far as I know)
  • Mage - Uses runes for a weapon, can use 2 runes at once or have a book in the off hand
  • Ranger - Can use a bow or crossbow, dagger in the off hand, and a quiver on the "cape" slot
  • Paladin - Can either use a sword, axe, mace, dual wield, use a two handed weapon, or put a banner in the off hand and wield a melee weapon in the other.
  • Necromancer - Can use 1-2 runes, soulwell in the off hand

Once you create your character and select your class, you are teleported to a nicely detailed lobby with a shop, and 2 npcs that will likely be used later on for quests or healing items. Getting started can be a little bit tricky since there is a lot of stuff on the HUD, I'll be attempting to go over all of it. Your inventory is probably the most important one, since your weapon will be in there, select whatever starter weapon you're given, and place it into the "sword" slot. Abilities are gotten at level 2, but there are only one for each class right now, like the "Arrow Volley" for the Ranger, or "Drain" for the Necromancer.The bar on the right is consumed by using abilities, but is different for each class. Players makes the player list appear and disappear. Options are.. pretty self explanatory, and there is an unfinished tutorial aswell.

Onto the REAL meat of the game, the gameplay. Simply enough, the dungeons are randomly generated from random sections of terrain, with a shop at the start. Although there are only two types of enemies now, skeleton warriors and skeleton archers, but I can easily see there being a much bigger enemy variety in the future. But, the thing that really makes this stand apart is, the loot is client-side. So, that means that each player will get their own loot drops from enemies, and loot from chests. Only loot that is dropped by other players can be seen. Yes, the loot is also randomly generated, I promise to go more in-depth at another time since there are many type of buffs items can give.

Simply put, Dungeon Delver is definitely a unique idea, even in Alpha there is still a good bit to do, leveling up to 10 will give you a bonus in the game upon release, which doesn't take a long time at all, but, there are many bugs thanks to enemies glitching out or flinging you out of the map.

Trust me, I'll do a more indepth look on this game later, for now, check it out.

Nitro's Tips

  • You can sell items by opening up a shop and opening up your inventory and placing the items you don't want into the shop window.
  • Backpedaling and attacking is always effective against enemies, although archers can shoot through walls
  • Legendary items may be rare, but they aren't the best usually.
  • Compare stats on the items you find before just slapping them on because they look cool, say if, you're a Mage/Necromancer, you want to get Wisdom since that is what boosts your attacks more.