Friday, June 28, 2013

Place Review: Undead Nation by Ninjaxrasx

We all thought it had ended. We were the last six remaining and we all thought it was over. Humanity as we knew it was dead. Had it really gone away? We hear a noise of moaning in the night, was it from another human species? Or was it from a species unknown ready to murder us all? We found out too late....

[FIXED CHAPTER 8] Undead Nation V1.7.8_Image

Undead Nation, an intense first person shooter with an additional apocalyptic scene - this game does not disappoint. We find ourselves in a lobby awaiting a new game to begin, with six people needed to begin. This is a co-op game of intense zombie killing action! We are treated with pleasant music and what not to await our battle. Someone votes for a chapter to begin at, and yes; this has a story behind it. We are in a cave walking on a ledge avoiding a tragic death... Well, trying to avoid it. You have to try and discover any clues that lead to the end of the Chapter.*

Our team had lost players slowly, but ever so slowly to a sudden fall to death. But, they came back. They found their way back up! Zombies kept on creeping up to us slowly but dangerously, eating away at our flesh. Why on earth would they do this to us? Nobody knows! This game became super intense when we were in the Radio Tower fighting waves of Zombies that were after us, trying to eat away at us. After all of that travelling trying to discover clues as to what could possibly open up a door behind us in order to let us in, gone to waste. I ended up dying a painful death with so much infected flesh, I couldn't live on...

So, there we were, shooting Zombies until we were all dead. Finding our way out of an apocalyptic area with almost no escape route in sight. Humanity had been lost... Forever....

The Verdict: 
Scripting: 10/10. Probably one of the best quality scripting I've ever seen. I haven't seen waves of Zombies like that in a while, and that's saying something. It's just.. How do I put this wisely... OPPA ZAKARY STYLE! (Yes, I made that reference, what are you going to do? Eat me alive? Oh please!)

Tools: 10/10. Necessary tools provided for fighting the hoard of Zombies. Guns, swords, etc, all are included just to help you kill a Zombie or two. Fun right?

Building: 10/10. Built with the simple Stamper. Expertly utilized to create the scene of fright and despair, but to also accommodate to the need for action. Excellent job.

Community Enjoyment: 10/10. Currently at the front page with nearly 1 million visits and over 2,000 thumbs up. People take their gaming seriously in this one. They almost take it as seriously as I do with competitive gaming...

Originality: 3/10. Not so original in the Zombie world, but its story line is original. So, I'd give it a decent score because of its story line.

Deals with Problems: 10/10. I didn't deal with any problems. I doubt anyone else did as well.

Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 10/10. No lag experienced on my end.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard. It can get hard and can be medium. Only for the people who have quick reflexes.

Reviewer's Enjoyment: 10/10. LOVED IT SO MUCH!

Reviewer's Recommendation: Highly. This game is probably one of the best Zombie survival games I've seen so far. I know.. (Apocalypse Rising) don't bug me about that game. This has potential to go places, far places. Even Hollywood.

Thumbnail's Review: 10/10. There's a bunch of them, the one above is good and eerie.

Scenery: 10/10. Eerie in a way to both frighten and encourage.

Overall: 9.5/10. I really enjoyed the game. When I died, I got so mad I yelled in real life! :) Go and play this now!!!

*There are far more chapters than the one explained above.

Play this game here.

Help! The Zombies are finishing off the remainder of humanity as we know it! It's up to us.. the final six to finish them off. We have to work together and finish them all off, and restore humanity to its old form! Oh no... THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING! Quick... take out your weapons... This is going to be epic...