Friday, June 21, 2013

Staff Bio - Robloxer032

Well, hello there. I am Robloxer032 and, as you may have guessed already, this is a little bio I made myself, for those who want to know more about me and what I do. Let's start!

Well... Where do I start? Hmm, yeah. Perhaps by the time I joined ROBLOX. Ah... June 30, 2008. It's incredible to think I've been here for almost 5 years, isn't it? Well, I'll just start the story.

June 30, 2008. I was calmly browsing through YouTube to see if there was anything I could like. I started watching random videos until I got in the "Weird Part of YouTube". Once inside, I found many videos in the related section I had never seen before. I clicked on one of those videos, one video whose thumbnail looked like a 3D Lego game. Or something like that. The video was called "Roblox Bloopers" by Fleskhjerta. You may guess what happened next. Yes, I joined ROBLOX that same day. One of the best days I've ever had.

At first I didn't get the gameplay mechanics quite much, but eventually I got accustomed to them. I was also relieved my Granddad's incredibly old computer could actually handle the game easily. Some time later, I had to move to the apartment I currently live in, so I wasn't able to play ROBLOX for some times as I had no access to any computer whatsoever. However, I eventually found out my mom's HP laptop could play ROBLOX magnificently, so I started playing the game on it. Later, my mom gifted me her laptop as a Christmas present, since she had gotten herself a MacBook (Yes, those non-pro MacBooks Apple discontinued a while ago). This made me really happy, as I finally could spend time browsing the internetz without having to ask her if I could use the computer. I remember one time I showed her ROBLOX to see what her opinion was, but she didn't really like the game. She thought it was violent, and made me stop playing it. That was around 2010. Of course, I thought that was crazy, as ROBLOX is one of the most peaceful games I know. Sometime later, I convinced her nothing would happen if I played it, and she let me play the game again, even though she still thought it was a bad game.

 It was during that year that a friend of mine copied one of my games (which was terrible) and actually made more than 200K visits with his cheaply-made copy, but I'll talk about that later on another article. Bad news aside, it was also the year I discovered this website, and even though it was way smaller than it is now, it was still a really good News site with really well written articles. I was really fascinated by how great the site was back then, and I started to wonder if I could ever get hired to work on it too. Two years later, here I am, writing the article you're reading right now. 

About when I got hired, well, I can just say it was a huge happiness to see I had made it into the site, and I was also proud of myself, mostly for evolving from an impacient little kid in 2008, to the mature, civilizated youth I am right now.

I apologize for the huge read and also thank you for making it this far. And don't worry, this is just the second of many articles I'll be writing in the future.