Saturday, June 29, 2013

Steampunk Pirate Hat Review

Steampunk Pirate

“With science, ideas can germinate within a bed of theory, form, and practice that assists their growth... But we as gardeners, must beware... for some seeds are the seeds of ruin... and the most iridescent blooms are often the most dangerous” 

Mesh- 10/10 The mesh is perfect for any steampunk hat, it is just a little small on your character. It looks like half a cog, and has little gears in the middle.

Texture- 9/10 The colors match steampunk and pirates well together, but I don’t see much of an ‘eroded’ feel on this hat. Also, the maroon band at the bottom offsets the texture a little bit.

Other- 10/10 This hat is a cheap R$175. It goes good with almost anything steampunk (especially monocles and goggles), plus there are many good shirts for it. I would recommend buying if you are a steampunk fan.

Overall- 10/10 Being a great steampunk hat, this pirate accessory sports a great airship commander look, and for a cheap price.