Monday, June 10, 2013

Staff Bio: Nitro357

Hello, I'm nitro357. As you're probably well aware by now, I'm one of the 4 new Game Journalists for Roblox News. Needless to say I'm quite happy about this news, but let's get onto introductions shall we?

I joined Roblox in April 2009 from an ad, I was quite fascinated by the concept of building my own game in a lego-styled kind of way. Although I didn't exactly start building until 2011 or so but let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Unfortunately when I started building I was a huge sonic fanboy at the time (not going to even 
both explaining this) so I wasn't exactly into tasteful games, although one that did stick out was "Blow up Bob and his friend Sam", yes it still exists if you're curious.

"Blow up Bob and his friend Sam"
As time went on, I eventually was able to nt tlk lik dis and actually complete a clear, coherent sentence. I eventually started to experiment with studio, learned how to re-size meshes, mess with lighting, edit basic scripts, and a few other things. Although c-framing is what really got me into building.

While I did want to quit ROBLOX some time ago, it became less of an addiction and more of a fascination on what the community would do next, what interesting features would be released? No this does not mean I will be quitting anytime soon at all, especially with Dynamic Lighting and all the new games floating around.

But onto the REAL reason why I posted this, what I plan to do as a staff member of Roblox News.

  • Inform the community about interesting, not so well known games.
  • Provide weekly "recommendations" on popular games
  • Hints, Tips, and Guides for different games
  • Reviews, Rants, and Comparisons (although I can't promise i'll do videos)
  • Much, much more

Onto more, miscellaneous information.

My main interests are reading, and working with computers. I like to think about the "lore" behind Roblox, like Crimsonwrath, or the Korblox Hordes, and also make places based around them. I had my account taken because I gave out my password, this was about in.. 2010. (unfortunately lost the sword cane, fire helm, and about 6,000 robux. rip.) I've done two "snipe-a-thons" in LMaD. Bought the Sinister Gift of Ascension on about it's last day with, in which resulted in the Dominus Vespertilio becoming one of my favorite hats, even if it is a "trashbag" (lol lmad terms). I consider RangeMeludE my "inspiration" on Roblox, without him I probably never would have started really getting into the "fantasy landscape" building. I really need to stop rambling on.

"Dungeon Delver"
ANYWAY, in conclusion I'm happy to be an addition to the Roblox News team and promise some new articles in the coming days, although I will leave you with this pretty interesting dungeon crawler you should try out ("spotlight" coming soon) --->

Where to contact me;
Steam: VietnameseRooster
Skype: VietnameseRooster
Roblox: Nitro357