Thursday, June 13, 2013

Interview with USMCKABAR!

Meet USMCKABAR; a an avid ROBLOX forumer and member of the prestigious 'Helpful ROBLOXians'! Today I bring you an interview with the theme of suggestions for the ROBLOX team, enjoy!

usmckabarQ. When did you join ROBLOX? What were your first thoughts of the game?  
A. I joined ROBLOX on the 21st October 2007. When I first joined, I didn't play much, as I found it a little difficult to get my head around the actual point of ROBLOX, but I visited every so often and gradually began to learn new things. After I realized exactly what ROBLOX was about, (near enough the start of 2008) I began to play it more, wanting to become a 'famous' user.

Q. What was the most enticing aspect of the site when you first joined? Why?
A. Back then I was a lot younger, (about 10) and I really wanted to become famous on ROBLOX. I used to get inspired by many different users, and I often wondered what it would be like to be them, with loads of robux, and fans. I suppose that, that is what kept me here, at first anyway. Nowadays I simply come back to forum, and play a few games. I would like to complete at least one project and for it to be successful before I end up quitting. 

Q. What did ROBLOX offer that other MMOs and sandboxes didn't?
A. The community, without a shadow of a doubt. Back 'then', the community was more like a family. We had the odd spammers, and trollers, as to all other MMO's, but ROBLOX had a stable community, with interacting staff members. The staff members are now trying to interact more, but due to the high demand of users on ROBLOX, it's a little difficult. The beauty of the community back 'then', was that it was smaller, so people could interact easier, and there would be less spammers and trollers. 

Q. What did you think of the tools that you were given to 'create your own worlds'? Have they improved in recent years?
A. Defiantly. I remember the old 'build' tools that were here, they are no where near as enhanced as they are today. We had no terrain, and no stamper tool. I am one of the few users who things that the stamper tool is an effective, but simple way of building. You require now major skills to learn how to use it effectively, and I find that people can make stunning places with it.

ROBLOX Studio has also improved, with the new Studio 2013. At first, I was a little skeptical about it, but this was mainly because of the large amount of glitches that were there. As these began to be fixed, I was forever growing more fond of Studio 2013, and now, with dynamic lighting, building really can be taken to the next level.

Q. What recent new release has had the greatest positive impact on ROBLOX?
A. Easy. Dynamic lighting. One of the best things that has been released, and many people agree. Places are more lifelike now that it has been added. Who knows what the limit is with dynamic lighting? 

Q. If you were a ROBLOX client engineer for the day, what would you add to Studio 3.0 to improve user experience? 
A.That's a though question. If i'm honest, I have no clue. I would probably add small things like a few new materials for bricks, and things like that. I can't think of anything major that I would add. 

Q. If you were a ROBLOX web developer for the day, what would you add to the website? 
A. I would have to add the option to edit and delete your forum posts. It may seem simple, but how many times you have you made a still typo in a thread that you class as 'important'? I think this feature would benefit all forumers.

Q. What upcoming features are you most looking forward too? Why?
A. I'm looking forward to the "Top Grossing Sort" with games, as I think this will solve the issue with 'fake games'. 

Q. If you were to add new materials to Studio 3.0, what would they be?
A. Probably a water texture. There is a water brick in stamper, but for the people who use studio, there is no official water texture/material, meaning we either have to use the "Ice" or "Slate" material for water, or even a decal. I think a water material would be a nice touch to games.

Q. Where do you see ROBLOX in 5 years time?
A. Haha, funnily enough, I thought this exact thing to myself, back in 2008. I really wondered what ROBLOX would be like in 5 years time, and I didn't expect it to be like this. I would expect ROBLOX to have a very large community, unfortunately, I think that it would be a little to large for my liking though. I would also expect something to be done about these 'fake copied games' on the front page. I do see ROBLOX going from strength to strength, so, hopefully this thought comes true.

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News