Thursday, June 20, 2013

Community Article: Interview with MahPizzaIsHere!

Ever since I viewed the update #1 video on YouTube of the infamous 'Borderline' project; I was shocked as to how great it looked, even in such early development stages! In my words, if I had a choice between Borderline or Battlefield 3, I would choose Borderline! In my opinion when it's completed, it'll wipe Apocalypse Rising v5.0.4, Battlefield, etc off the front page! 

Now for my interview with MahPizzaIsHere which was conducted through the ROBLOX chat feature!


Me: Hello Mah.

MahPizzaIsHere: Hello.

Me: Will Borderline have lens flare?

MahPizzaIsHere: Most likely.

Me: How will vehicles work,control-wise?

MahPizzaIsHere: Can you be more specific?

Me: Like keyboard controls and mouse controls.

MahPizzaIsHere: A combination of the two. It varies by vehicle.

Me: How will vehicle movement be? Obviously not just clicking and going to that direction like normal ROBLOX planes,helicopters,etc?

MahPizzaIsHere: We'll be largely developing our own movement. While ground vehicles will drive in a way that at least mimics classic physics, air vehicles will be much more intuitive. Comparable, perhaps, to Crazyman32's physics.

Me: Can you go third-person in vehicles?

MahPizzaIsHere: We expect to implement that feature, yes.

Me: Rumors have been going around stating,your character spawns by parachuting in the map. Are these rumors true?

MahPizzaIsHere: I'd like to know who started them, haha. While we were never planning this feature, it does sound intriguing.

Me: I don't really know who started the rumor. It just got passed to me.

MahPizzaIsHere: Interesting, haha. It sounds pretty cool though, I'll discuss it with StudioMM.

Me: Will aerial vehicles have similar flight like it does in Battlefield 3?

MahPizzaIsHere: Having never played Battlefield 3, I wouldn't be able to say for sure. However, we can guarantee an immersive flight and combat experience.

Me: What will character movement be like?

MahPizzaIsHere: We'll have some nifty camera moves for certain actions, and the requisite head bob when walking and running, but aside from that it is essentially everything you'd expect from an FPS game.

Me: What type of gameplay will it be like? Battlefield 3 related gameplay or ArmA 3 related gameplay?

MahPizzaIsHere: At heart, it is an arcade shooter. Realism will only go so far, and we want this to be fun too. Having never played either game, you'll have to make of this what you will.

Me: Will maps change?

MahPizzaIsHere: Yes, for sure. There will be four distinct maps, each supporting several game modes.

MahPizzaIsHere: Well, I must go, good-bye.

Me: Bye. Good luck with the development of Borderline,to all of you.

This interview proved to be intriguing. Borderline will be released in 2 months time! I for one, can't wait!

Thanks are owed to Kintozi for providing Roblox News with this interesting community interview. We hope to be hearing more from him in the future!

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