Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Narwhal Beanie Hat Review

Hello! Pbjms here with my first hat review. Recently with the “wave” of new ocean themed hats, one of them really caught my eye - the Narwhal Beanie.

Texture/Mesh: 9/10

The beanie is a practical beanie, a hemisphere with a carved out inside for your head. The beanie has a nice tan-ish looking horn and two eyes to either side. The reason for the 9/10 is because of the ugly ears. If you look at any image of a narwhal, you will not see large ears sticking out of the sides. I know, this is ROBLOX, it doesn’t have to be realistic, but the ears are just too large and ugly (well at least I think they’re ears).

Price: 10/10

The beanie is priced at a cheap 15 robux. It is VERY cheap. That amount of robux can be gotten in a day with Builders Club, and the equivalent in tix is about 150 tix. It’s a great hat, and at that price probably one of the best beanies I’ve seen in awhile compared to the plain ones with a simple design like the Boarder Beanie (the same price) If you only have 15 robux and you want to buy just one beanie - I’d probably pick the Narwhal.

Overall: 9.5/10

The beanie is a semi-realistic narwhal, besides the large, unneeded ear things. It’s very cheap, just 15 robux. I would definitely recommend buying if you can spare the money.