Sunday, June 23, 2013

Midnight Blue Shaggy Review

Hello, pbjms here with another hat review. Today I'm reviewing one of the big limiteds during the mid summer nights sale, Midnight Blue Shaggy. It was released at 1:00 A.M. PST, which is 4:00 A.M. for people on the East Coast, so many were angry with the time of the release. Due to it being a Limited U item, when I do "Compare To..." I will compare it to items within range of the Recent Average Price (RAP) and the lowest price (30,000 - 40,000 Robux).

Midnight Blue Shaggy
Mesh: 9/10

The Mesh is okay, but not the greatest. It's the original shaggy mesh used in Shaggy and Rainbow Shaggy. I never liked the mesh, though. It's a hairpiece with folded over hair towards the front. The original shaggy is usually called an "Oder hat," yet Rainbow Shaggy is a very expensive, rare hat, using the same mesh, that is a great hat. This shaggy's mesh once again is the same as the others, possibly "Oder hair 2.0" or something. It's not all bad, though. It goes well with a lot of hats, but has a flaw with some. Some hats, like the Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora do go well with this hair, except for some hair leaking through the fedora rim. All in all, it's not a bad mesh, besides the "Oder hair" issue.

Texture: 8/10

I'm not the biggest fan of this texture. It's the original shaggy with some dark blue hue. You can tell not much effort was put into it, as it clearly looks like it was just a recolor. I bet if a random user made this they wouldn't get the greatest reviews on the texture. It's not the greatest, but it goes well with some other hats (like the overpriced Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora released an hour after this hat). It's sloppy, but it manages to keep the original shaggy feel to it.

Price: 11/10

Whats great about this hat, is the price. It originally sold for 1,000 Robux with 500 in stock. Usually items at this price and stock wouldn't do to well. Most likely due to the amazing success of Rainbow Shaggy, this sold out very quickly. It's now priced around 32,000 Robux, giving original buyers 20,000 Robux profit if it sells. Sadly, the RAP is only about 30,000 Robux, so chances are this item will lower in value. If you want to buy it, wait. The price is probably the best part about this hat, so amazing it got a 11/10. It went 1,000 Robux to 40,000 Robux in about a day.

Compare to... (10/10)

Warthuthu (Worse than Shaggy)
Warthuthu is a classic hat made back in 2009. It's RAP is 13,320 Robux but it's lowest price is 35,714 Robux, making it a projected item. Projected items are items that are usually bought and deleted by Robloxians, so over time, their RAP is a lot less than what people are selling it for. Projected Items are not good investments at all, making this item worse than Midnight Blue Shaggy.

Captain's Flintlock (Worse than Shaggy)
Once again, another projected item. Captain Flintlock was created in 2009. It's selling for 39,997 Robux, yet it's RAP is only 10,414 Robux, as I said with Warthuthu, projected items are awful investments, making this item worse than Midnight Blue Shaggy. 

Sheriff Wilson (Worse than Shaggy)
Are all items in this price range projected? Honestly...
Sheriff Wilson is majorly projected. It's lowest price is 39,800 Robux, yet it's RAP is only 1,681 Robux. This item is terribly projected, so once again, it's worse than Midnight Blue Shaggy.

Overall: 9.5/10

Midnight Blue Shaggy is a great item. It's looks aren't the best, but it's price (even if it may lower a bit - which by the looks of it, it will) is amazing. Compared to other items in it's price range, this hat is probably one of the only ones that isn't projected. If you were up late Friday night and snagged this hat, I'd try to sell it now, because it will most likely lower a little bit.