Thursday, June 13, 2013

Double Gear Review- Land Shark Shooter versus Seahorse!

In honor of World Oceans Day, which was on 6/7/12, ROBLOX decided to release some ocean-themed gear and ocean-themed hats. Today I'll be reviewing two of the gears, the Land Shark Shooter, and the Seahorse.

Land Shark Shooter

The Land Shark Shooter was limited at 750 robux and had 1000 in stock. Once again, the admins overpriced/overstocked this limited. If they priced/stocked limiteds like in 2011, then there would be more profit. (I mean really, look at Donald P. Sullivan- Gold Edition, Bunny Ear Fedora, and Red Illusion Fedora for some good 2013 limiteds that were terribly overpriced.) This gear reminded me of last year's Shark Launcher, which was also 750 robux with 1000 in stock and failed as well. This gear is currently selling for 1,000 robux (a modest fail) and to be honest, it isn't scripted well either.

Texture: 7/10

The texture is sort of interesting, it looks cartoony, almost like a NERF gun. It's nice for a change but more realism would be better.

Mesh: 7/10

I like the whole look of it, and the shark fins are nice for a touch. However, the front of it isn't that detailed. I have no clue why there are little rectangles under the front, and how are sharks supposed to fire out of a gun so small?

Gear's Ability: 5/10

This gear can shoot sharks for bullets, however it's a bit unique. The sharks should be fired in the ground (however they can be fired in the air) and they will roam around in the ground. These sharks deal 100 hit points of damage, making them an insta-kill. However, there are a couple complaints I have with this gear. The first one is that if you fire a shark into a non-linear brick, they can fly out of that brick and go into the sky. My second complaint is that the sharks just roam around randomly in a brick rather than targeting an opponent. As I said earlier, you can fire sharks into the air, but sharks in the air seem to have no effect on users. This gear says that your foes will never see the shark coming. Absolutely wrong. The sharks have a mesh that's so big, that it's really obvious where they are. I forgot to mention that sharks only stick to the top of a surface, you can't shoot one in the middle of a brick. This gear is good but it feels like the admins didn't test it thoroughly before releasing. 
Money Value: 6/10

Okay, 750 is a bit pricey for this gear. I imagine it being more like 500 robux and limited with the same stock. The main reason it was priced 750 is because it is a one hit kill, but to be honest, many gears in the catalog are one hit kills and have less glitches. I'd advise you not to buy one for 1,000 robux now, it's honestly not worth it.

Overall: 6/10


A new rideable gear, called the "Seahorse", also came out for 750 robux but was nonlimited. This gear is pretty decent, but not great as well. 

Texture: 7/10

ROBLOX was obviously going for the "realistic ROBLOX-y" texture on this one. Personally a cartoonish texture would fit this one better, but it has great detail.

Mesh: 8/10

The mesh is pretty well done; there's even rough bumpy edges on it for detail. The saddle is a nice touch; however the mesh is extremely big for quite a small creature.

Gear's Ability: 7/10

When using this gear, a giant seahorse spawns underneath you and you ride its saddle. You can ride this in a manner similar to the Sorcus' Chair, where the player has faster speed and is always facing forward. However, this gear isn't that fast, but still pretty useful for moving from place to place.

Money Value:  7/10

This was overpriced like the Land Shark Shooter was. It's not really worth 750 (the Sorcus Chair was 707 robux, it's faster, it can trip people, and it came with a free gift box hat), it's worth more like 500-600 robux.

Overall: 7/10

This time the winner is the Seahorse. However, none of the gear for World Ocean Day was really good. I'd advise you to save your money and not buy either of the two; they aren't good deals. July 4th is coming next month, and that will be a great time for profitable limiteds. Also now that it's summer, it's once again time for an explosion of summer retextures! BrightEyes has only taken a few summer retextures so far, but it's likely more retextures will be chosen really soon.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager