Saturday, June 15, 2013

Game Review - Kill the Clones: Tournament

Hello ROBLOXians! I’m Robloxer032, and this is my first Game Review!

Today, the lucky game is Kill the Clones: Tournament, by RyanDolan123, which was popular some time ago, while today it is not as visited.

Let’s start, then!

What I first saw when I entered was a HUGE Arena and some people swordfighting. But they weren’t fighting each other, they were fighting… clones. Yes, clones. Just as the name of the game suggests. 

The main gameplay is really simple: You are put inside the giant Arena and then multiple waves of “clones” start appearing from everywhere. What I didn’t like is that the “clones” behave exactly like zombies, so they felt… kinda generic. When you kill some clones you get points, and with these points you can buy different objects from the shop, such as MedKits or better Swords.

Here is a little video for you to understand the concept better.


Anyway, the shop.

The shop can be opened by clicking a Little GUI Button located on the left of the screen. It is a really simple shop, as it has only three categories: Essentials, Swords and Upgrades. The last two are exactly that: Better swords and game enhancers such as Low Gravity. The Essentials category is more like a Support category, containing a MedKit and a ForceField. I didn’t have enough points for anything so I couldn’t test anything, but there were many people fighting with swords like the DarkHeart and apparently they work very well.

There is also a little GUI button to the right called “Open Game Passes” which lets you buy the different Passes the game offers right from the inside, a technique explained in a recent ROBLOX Developer Blog Post.

As you can see in the image, there is also a GUI-themed chat which not only displays messages, it also tells when users Level Up, which is something I couldn’t test out either because of the difficulty of leveling up from Level 1 to Level 2. 

Now, on to the building.

The whole thing is essentially a large box, which does not have any openings anywhere. The Play Area is composed of some red stairs and a plain Arena in the middle, which doesn’t feature any obstacles apart from the never-ending waves of clones. Effort is completely nule in this part of the game.

Since I couldn’t find any other interesting thing from the game to Review here, let’s go to the Ratings right away!

Building: 2/10

Sorry, but this is way too simple to be ranked greater than this. A complete newbie would be able to create something like this and even add Extra Features to the Arena, which is completely plain.

Scripting: 5/10

The scripts used for the clones are the same of a normal Zombie. Even though, the GUIs and the randomizer scripts are nicely done.

Creativity: 9/10

Many “Clone Yourself” games have been done in the past, but nothing like this.

Effort: 7/10

Even if the Building is terrible, the scripts may have taken time to make. But not too much time.

Fun: 8/10

Even if the gameplay looks plain and dull, it is really fun to PWN clones with a Linked Sword.

Overall: 6/10 


- Add different Arenas and not just one

- Add obstacles to the Arenas

- Expand the Spectating Area

- Apply different Game Modes

This was a Short Review by Robloxer032. Thank you for reading.