Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review Double Feature: The Purge and Kingdom Life II V6.6

I gotta say, it's been a slow week. For games? No, but pretty much my laziness. So, to solve that, we're going to be doing a double review on two front page games. One of them is a medieval role play, and the other is what I assume a mediocre horror game. Before you ask yes I will go back to spotlighting and reviewing good games next week, it's just that I'd like to get these out of the way now. Anyway, onto the reviews!

The Purge (now with a beautifully edited cover)

The Purge at first glance is one of those generic games you always see on the front page, usually with a name like "scream attacks your house!!" with a picture of scream on it ripped from google likely. Even though I don't exactly want to play this game, we must proceed on.

Upon entering the game, you're spawned into what looks like a hide'n'seek lobby which contains 2 floors, some givers to buy things like invisible torso, walkspeed etc. Also some colored spheres that can change colors upon being clicked. Needless to say upon entering the game I was a bit confused, then it suddenly all made sense. "The Purge" was pretty much a hide and seek game, in which the rounds are "Purges", and one person is chosen as the "Killer". Funny enough the Killer was asking people that wanted to be in a video and after successfully evading him I pretty much just left the game, but besides the point.

Just out of curiousity I looked into the owner's models and found that it appears that MOST of the game was built and scripted by the owner, which I find surprising at the least. So kudos to them..?

A game based off the Purge would be an interesting premise, although it would have to be outside the vein of the movie since the "people inside the house running from the killer" thing is pretty darned boring..
This game sort of took that idea, but made it into a hide and seek game, which isn't a bad place to start I suppose.

The Purge is pretty much your run of the mill hide and seek game in which the players have to run from a "killer" and hide in the shadows of the map to avoid sight. It's quite easy if you take advantage of the darkest places in the maps thanks to the dynamic lighting. Although, it is a good first game for the creator if they really did hand-make most of this, now they just need to expand the concept and it should get better from there.

Kingdom Life ll V6.6

Well doesn't this look awfully familiar, Kingdom Life II, where have I seen that before.. Oh right, Boopbot's game which pretty much dropped off the front page along with Boopbot who hasn't been seen since April. Let's take a look at the description here..  
"[*[Credit to Boopbot for the map and older morphs. Permission to edit the game.]*]"
That already says something, place copier is off the list, onto the actual game.

If you've played Kingdom Life II before it's pretty much the same but with dynamic lighting, new morphs, and a new area or two. For those that aren't familiar with Kingdom Life II it's a medieval roleplay game that allows you to pick your morph and roam around a pretty nicely built area, and roleplay of course. It seems to be just the same game but slightly updated, but they aren't exactly for the best..

The real issue in the game comes from the additions the creator has made to the map, while they ARE updates they stick out like a sore thumb compared to the original game's content, which had a simple, but detailed building style that made it nice to look at. But most of the new morphs pretty much ignore the style the original game had, most notably in the "mutants" section. Dynamic lighting looks nice though.

A medieval roleplay game isn't that much new, this is pretty much a game with some addons to it.

Kingdom Life II is somewhat a step in the right direction, the creator just needs to learn to create additions to the game that don't mess with the style that had been introduced while Boopbot was building it. It's not bad by any means if you've never played Kingdom Life II, but you'd probably be better off playing Boopbot's version.

Final Thoughts/Outro

Well, I can't exactly say either of these games are "bad". The Purge is just a hide-and-seek game that while is  good for beinh mostly(?) hand made, the concept could be worked on quite a bit. Kingdom Life II needs another look taken at it so the creator can keep his new additions consistent with the building style of the old game.
I'm pleasantly surprised I guess you could say, even if they aren't the best games ever.

Although next week I'm gonna be sure to get a new spotlight and review out.