Thursday, June 27, 2013

Instant Treehouse Review

Hello! Pbjms here with (I believe) my first gear review! Today I will be reviewing Instant Treehouse, a gear created during A Mid-Summer Night's Sale in the later morning.
Instant Treehouse

"Part of the fun of summer is hanging out 24/7. Now you have a place to hang out wherever you go."

Mesh: 9/10

The mesh is great. It's a tree with a nice little house on it with a ladder leading up the the house. The house is built on a deck which you can walk all the way around (possibly to hide in a gear fighting place). The ladder isn't great, though. The rungs are about "one robloxian" apart, so it would be impossible to climb up the way robloxians climb. Besides the ladder, it really looks nice, lots of leaves on the trees, a nice, thick, trunk, and a cozy little house to top it all off.

Texture: 9/10

The texture is okay but it's really not the best. The treehouse looks really nice, obviously made of wood with a nice blue roof. The wood part of the tree also looks nice, many different colors and shadows to really make it pop. The leaf part, though, is awful. Random splashes of different shades of green, and random white dots, along with obvious folds showing where the texture changes. It just looks awful.

Ability: 8/10

I have a lot to talk about with the ability. When you first throw the treehouse, it's tiny. Once the tree finds a firm, steady place, it starts to grow. In about 3 seconds, you have a giant tree with a treehouse inside. You can use the inside house as a hangout, a base, or just a place to mess around with. Earlier, me and my friend were messing around with the tree, and here are some things that we found (glitches);

1.) You can get stuck inside the tree, and then move around, controlling it. You look like you are controlling a giant tree monster. If somebody uses the Human Rocket gear on you, the treehouse will start flying around the map.

2.) The treehouse can be destroyed, and it does not look pretty. So far, the gears that I know can destroy it are the Gravity Gun and Bear Mine Gun (if you know any others please tweet me @pbjmsRBLX so I can add them here)

Price: 8/10

This gear is priced at 300 Robux, honestly a bit expensive for a gear that doesn't do much unless you buy it just for messing around with the two glitches above. The gear was timed, and went off sale Sunday, June 23rd, with about 2,700 sales. It accumulated the most sales out of the other 3 gears released Saturday morning that went off sale the same time as the treehouse. 300 Robux is not worth it, though. If you bought it, you honestly wasted your money, as it is a really pointless gear.

Compared to.. (7/10)

Coral Boa Boa (Better than Treehouse)

Coral Boa Boa
Coral Boa Boa is a nice boa hat release in 2011. It goes great with many other gears, and makes as a nice pet for any role-players. It's a better buy than the treehouse honestly, as it looks nice with most hats and is a great pet if you're feeling lonely.

Astral Isle Apprentice (Better than Treehouse)

Astral Isle Apprentice
Astral Isle Apprentice is a package released a few months ago. It is once again a great role-playing package, as it could be used for wizard games, or retextured to be a "dark wizard" or something. Once again, it's better than the treehouse, as it is actually pretty useful.

RAIG Table (Better than Treehouse)

RAIG Table
RAIG Table is a great gear. Yes, it is better than the treehouse. Once used a table spawns before you, and you lift it, and throw it, table-flipping. As you flip the table, a pretty funny face gets put on you, and you start to scream. Any player you hit gets flung, it's a funny gear, and a lot better than the treehouse.

Overall: 8/10

This treehouse is a really pointless gear. Unless you bought it to mess with the glitches, it's honestly a waste of your money. It was priced at 300 Robux, but went off sale about two days later. The mesh and texture have flaws, disregarding the flaws, the treehouse looks nice. Compared to other items with the same price, there are really a lot of other items that are worth your money.