Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Arb's Hat Reviews: Skull Stetson!

Greetings ladies, gentlemen and anything inbetween! Today I bring you a review of the new hat named 'Skull Stetson' which was added to the catalog today.

The Mesh 8/10

The mesh on this particular Stetson is shaped accurately, with a small fold in the top of hat that you would expect to see on it's real counterpart. It fits nicely on a ROBLOXian's head as you would expect from this type of hat. However, there is one slight flaw in the brim which I believe should be thinner like the classic Tan Stetson.

The Texture 8/10

A dark crimson colour makes up the main body of the Stetsons texture with a nice black and white band to give it more of an attractive appearance. As the hats description states, there is also a skull and crossbones situated on the back of the hat, which is a nice addition to the simple texture. To finish off; a faint shadow beneath the band, giving the hat that extra bit of detail.

The Creativity 7/10

A Stetson hat hasn't been uploaded to the catalog since 2007 and just 3 of these hats exist on ROBLOX  (4 if you count the US Calvary Hat). Due to this, the Skull Stetson can be considered fairly original as its mesh is shaped quite differently to the previous two.

The Value for Money 10/10

At its price of just R$250, the Skull Stetson is a great value item for your everyday cowboy needs. It is also significantly cheaper than it's older counterpart, which is on sale for R$354.

Overall 8/10

Overall, this hat is a must buy for any western or cowboy fans, with it's luxurious crimson colour and very reasonable price. For R$154 less than the Tan Stetson, you are receiving a more updated looking hat, with a sharper, and more realistic mesh. It's one downside - the thick brim, can be overlooked or may be seen by some as a good addition to the hat.