Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are Tickets Slowly Becoming Useless?


          Hello! Chubbs21 here with another Catalog post! Recently, many hats have gone off-sale, including some ticket hats. Also to add, the production of Tix hats has stopped, besides the 1-Tix-promotional hats. 

          ROBLOX used to have a thing back in the day called "Ticket Tuesday" (You may have read about it if you look back in the ROBLOX Blog). Every Tuesday the hats that were released were tickets only. This was shortly stopped, for no clear reason. There are, as of the creation of this post, 63 pages in the catalog of robux-only hats, compared to a tiny 3 pages of ticket hats.

          The ticket hats that recently went off-sale, according to trusty sources, include:
- Snakes on a ROBLOXian
- Olukia Seer
- Spaceface
- Zombie Tie
- Webbed Witch
- Living Lantern
As for robux hats offsale, the list is pretty long. 

          But why are tickets rarely used compared to robux? That can only be answered with logic, ROBLOX needs money to run all their equipment! (Stop calling them greedy, equipment is expensive!) But is it necessary to completely destroy the purpose of tickets?
If you think of all the features where tickets are used and robux aren't, the only place I can think of is the Ad system. Otherwise, robux is a second option.

          Is this a smart move? Should ROBLOX even give us daily tix? Should tix even be a thing anymore? Post your opinions below!