Monday, August 5, 2013

Strategizing: Roblox Battle Part 2: The Timebomb

Welcome to part 2 of my Roblox Battle strategy guide! This time we will be covering a not so very often used weapon, the time bomb. Compared to the original "classic" bomb, the timebomb is quite different, where as the "classic" one is just dropped down then beeps for a few times then explodes, the time bomb can be chucked and then will explode depending on how long you let the fuse go. But we're here to talk about the ROBLOX Battle timebomb, not the classic one, maybe another time though.

Just like we did the slingshot, let's look at this weapon down to the basics. The time bomb can be simply thrown and it will explode after beeping exactly 12 or so times, or you can hold the bomb to make the fuse shorter, then let it go hopefully with it not blowing up in your face. But since you're able to "cook" the time bomb like a grenade, then it becomes one of the more skillful weapons in the game. If the time bomb is "one of the more skillful weapons in the game", why isn't it used more? Well.. it has versatility and power, although it's just not as fast to use as the other weapons. The main problem with the time bomb is it's pretty much outclassed by weapons that are able to dish out damage and dispatch foes faster, like the superball and rocket launcher.

Don't get me wrong though, it may lack the ability to keep throwing out damage like crazy, but the time bomb is easily one of the best crowd control weapons. Group of 2-3 people chasing after you or brawling in a close range? Chuck a bomb with a shorter fuse at them and hope it blows them all to smithereens. The way damage works is sort of odd, but if you can nail someone head on then you'll be able to kill opponent in one hit, though if you can catch someone in the fray with ~20ish health, just the very edge of the blast radius will do 30+ damage.

So overall, the bomb isn't the best weapon in the game DPS wise and easily countered compared to the superball or rocket launcher, but the somewhat situational crowd control ability can be very handy especially on maps like The Depths or Crossroads, where there's usually groups of people roaming around. The damage can also be very rewarding if you're able to time the fuse correctly since as I mentioned before, the blast radius is big and  able to instakill point blank, unlike any other weapon in the game. I personally recommend the bomb as a group management weapon, and as a last resort. (aka run next to someone with the bomb, blowing yourself up and killing them)

Just like last time, the matchups.

V.S. Slingshot

If you're going to engage someone with a slingshot it would be best to catch them off guard, or in really close range as you dodge their projectiles long enough to prime the bomb and let it go. Dodging is the big thing in this.

V.S. Sword

The sword is a very fast attacking weapon that boosts the user's walkspeed slightly, so your slow priming bomb isn't exactly the best solution but if you insist, stay away from them and hope the bomb makes contact.

V.S. Deflector

By far the biggest hazard against bomb users, a nicely timed deflector shockwave will send your bomb hurtling right back at you. Even worse if it's at close range and you're just about to throw it which results in you being hurtled all across the map, so it's recommended to use something that isn't reflectable (sword).

V.S Superball
Superball users will generally try to hit you from afar but you can try to chuck a bomb across to them, though they'll most likely get caught at the edge of the blast, or out of the way entirely so it's best to just get the deflector out.

   V.S. Rocket Launcher

It really depends on the skill level of the rocket launcher user, if they're the average "run in a straight line and spam rockets" then you should be good with just throwing a well timed bomb at them, although if you're dealing with someone that dodges and jumps and shoots, then the bomb isn't exactly an option anymore.

V.S. Another Timebomb

This usually boils down to who's at what range and who can prime a bomb without exploding into a bunch of plastic bits, so simply just keep your eye on your enemy and be ready to dodge and throw when needed.

That's another part down, though I forgot this at the last minute, if you're having trouble timing the bomb it beeps exactly 12 times before exploding. So count, then throw whenever you feel is best. Next part will be covering the Sword or Rocket Launcher. As always, have a nice week and thanks for reading.