Saturday, August 31, 2013

Place Review: Realistic Mining 2.0

Place Review: Realistic Mining 2.0

Allo everyone (like my French?). I have been incredibly busy with school but now I'm in the groove! Elvinusa here; today I'll be presenting a place review of Realistic mining 2.0 by antsrcool. This game stood on the front page of ROBLOX for about a week but after time the amount of loyal players dwindled; I think this article will explain why.

Presentation: 3/10
Upon arriving into the game the first thing I notice is the sky decal. Its a largely pixilated misty, red sky with mountains protruding to the right. It wasn't the ideal choice considering the quality of the image, and I have to say the default decal would do much better.
The presentation of the game is very much equal to the presentation of a place owned by a member whose been on for 4 years and still has no visits. Since the mining is based on Classic ROBLOX terrain, the decals and badges look largely out of place with the background. There is a large processing mill in the back of the game that in no way whatsoever matches with the blocks and decals. Not scoring high on the presentation.

Gameplay: 4/10
Nevertheless I carry on. The objective of the game is to mine bricks, align them on a moving belt and allows machines to break down and gather money for everyone. Its a teamwork game and it’s a fairly nice game idea. The only downfall is how the idea is carried out.
To begin with a voting system polls people to vote for a CEO and Foreman which chooses the jobs of the workers from transport, demolition, processing and miners. Once you have your Job you take the vehicle required for your job and go into mines to dig some blocks!
Once you have money you can spend it on a personal house or on tool upgrades!
Unfortunately most of the time people never actually do their jobs. People just ride around randomly and break stuff. Demolition team blows stuff up and often lags the server for fun. CEOs and Foremen never do their job and everyone ends up in the 'Jobless' team - which is quite amusing.

Scripting: 5/10
The screen guis are excellently placed out of the way and are well balanced. The Voting system is extremely well conducted. However, the vehicles are not well scripted and seem to have been created in a hurry. The scripts within the machinery contain enough movement to lag the server without using them and once people actually do start, lag sets off instantly. Since we are talking about lag lets go further. Players often use demolition tools to bomb sensitive spots, houses and machinery allowing blocks to scatter all over the place. I can assure you players don’t stay on a server for more then 10 minutes after game crippling lag sets in..

  • The Game follows the title and really is realistic.
  • Good Screen Guis.
  • Tip-top shape Voting System

  • Poorly built Vehicles
  • Poorly Used Sky Box
  • Poorly Designed Game Layout
  • Laggy Tools,Vehicles,Machinery and Bricks

Overall: 4/10
Sums up to just below half.The game is okay for a bit but after time you'll just lose interest. Plus, the lag will probably put you off the experience.