Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Samaxis' Compound: An Excellent FPS

The quality work of Samaxis, a ROBLOX EBR member, and all-around talented curator is never a surprise to me or tens of thousands of others.

One of his older projects titled "Compound" is a high calibre FPS. Using the Tabby framework written by Rudimentality Development, Compound is the closest you can get to realistic FPS gaming. It's very rare that I find an exceptionally designed FPS game that not only has good weapons and good gameplay, but also a great map. Samaxis finds a great way to pull this off with his flawlessly designed middle eastern arena.

To add to the realism, there is a lens flare when you look at the sun!
Samaxis calls this game "your standard run-and-gun shooter" in the description, but in retrospect, the game is much more than that. While there are no set goals, and no evident story - the gameplay is infinite. With friends; you could play for hours in this nearly tangible map and not even know it [source: playing it for almost two hours and not evening knowing it] and it doesn't stop there.

The map is huge. From several floors in ruined buildings, to ladders, underground walkways, a shipping and storage area, and tens of other secluded and hidden areas. The game experience is heavily expanded and there are infinite places to run, hide, or fight in this map.

Set aside the map's great size, an extensive amount of hiding and secluded areas, the map boasts a serious amount of detail. Ruined walls, buildings, and even the terrain is elaborate and looks thorough everywhere on the map. You can even see the great work done on the lens flare, the wood and the archways, tunnels, and even a ruined bus. Everything about this map is fresh, new and unique and it is not only a great place to play in, but a great place to look around in and explore.

Check it out for yourself.