Saturday, August 3, 2013

Place Review: School Dance

SchooI DanceSchool dance is the worst game I've ever visited, it's worse than epic mining 2! The code is sloppy, the users that play it are all online daters & the game is a complete copy of the iron cafe. Get ready because I'm about to dive into a deep review about an awful game.

So the first thing I noticed when I entered the game, was the morphs that were placed in random areas. There were also small buildings floating in the air; that tells me that they were just dragged in from the toolbox's free models. This did not impress me in one way at all. Then I saw the background. My mind just said to me 'Iron cafe, iron cafe, iron cafe'. I refused to believe that until I saw the truth. I wanted to give the creator a chance. But in-fact, it was the Iron Cafe. The exact same thing, he just stuck the name 'School Dance' on it so ODers and such would visit. And then placed the words 'No online dating! Only roleplay' on it. That's just stupid. Perhaps, if he had a brain he could get some code that filters out certain words people use, but no, the words are just words. There's no law.

Even though it's the Iron Cafe, the scripting put into this game was awful & nothing special. Even the DJ set he put in it didn't work. None of the songs played. That's just stupid, why put in a DJ area when it's not going to work? That would have been the only fun thing in this game, dancing around to a song. But no. Can't even have that can we?

Then the building, the so called 'textures' in this game are stretched, you can tell in the picture above that the bricks are really big & stretched. The tables are awful and they're like sphere meshes flattened. The game is just awfully built, with cracks everywhere; that's just annoying for any user who enters a game, unless the user has just come into the game to get a quick 'bf' or 'gf'. Users that OD are stupid, the person they are ODing could be like 40 and they could be like 10.

This game is just plain awful, no nice building at all nor are the textures any good.

Scripting: 1/10
Try to make the game your own scripts.

Building: 0/10
Try to build the game yourself...

Overall: 0.5/10
Nothing is yours. Nothing.

Thanks for reading,
Zakary Wilson