Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Place Showcase: Island of Imagination

Current Thumbnail of Island of Imagination
Hello everyone, DDude9091 here. Today, I'll be showcasing Island of Imagination (BC), a huge free build game like nothing I have ever seen before. This game takes the concept of free building beyond build sets placed on empty baseplates. From two unique towns to customized and hand-made terrain and the Roblox build tools, this game is unique in its own way. If the looming mountains and vast valleys are enough to take your breath away, the amazing camera manipulation that pans your view around the map displays the island in its entirety.

Every tiny detail was made to show the island at its best, completely made by the creator; no terrain generator used. As shown in the thumbnail, there is a harbor town located at the edge of the map. Far upon the other side you can find a village made high on top of a mountain, towering over the ocean. Between them? The massive island, filled with more land than my computer could handle.

Creator: Zathara
Created: 4/5/2011
Updated: 4 weeks ago
Favorites: 1,289
Visited: 11,938 times
Thumbs up: 77
Thumbs down: 2
Genre: Building
Gear Allowed: None
BC Only?: Yes
As of: 8/9/2013

Game Passes:

75 Robux 264 Buys 750 Tix

The glider allows for much easier transportation, rather than walking. To add to it, pressing "Q" drops a bomb.
Worth it?
Not in my opinion. Unless you just want to drop bombs on people, you can just use the stamper tool to place a UFO or other vehicle.

           Survival Pack:
100 Robux 136 Buys 1001 Tix

The Survival Pack gives you a flashlight, compass, speed dagger, and grappling hook to help you explore.
Worth it?
If you're the type of person who loves to explore and discover everything there is to discover, this is for you. Otherwise, keep your robux for a rainy day.

      Stamper Tool Drag:
125 Robux 78 Buys 1,350 Tix

The Stamper Tool Drag Game Pass unlocks the stamper tool's ability to drag parts.
Worth it?
If you love building, and spend a lot of time in this game, I would recommend it. According to Zathara, "Price will raise to 250 ROBUX and 2500 Tix when this hits 100 sales," so if you want to get it, now's the time.


1. Stamper Tool:
The stamper tool is limited. Only with the game pass can you unlock its dragging ability.

2. Delete Tool:
I'm not sure how anything prevents people from ruining the amazing landscape with the delete tool, so this should be looked in to.

3. Clone Tool:
Your average, every day clone tool. Nothing special, allows you to clone any brick in the game.

4. Rotate Tool:
As with the delete and clone tool, I was surprised that you were able to use it on the terrain. The creator should have locked it so that people can't mess with the things that he created.

5. Wiring Tool:
Same old wiring tool. Select it and click any part that can be wired (such as a lever) and then another part that can be wired (such as a door), and they are linked. Say you used the lever and the door. When you clicked the lever, the door would open.

6. Classic Tool:
After selecting this tool, five more tools will appear on your screen. One allows you to paint blocks different colors; the second lets you change the brick's material; the third gives you the ability to change the surface of the block (smooth, studs, weld, etc.); the fourth, a simple drag tool; the fifth a tool that is used to re-size bricks.


Mute Music: Mutes the in game music.

Reset: Quite self-explanatory. Kills your character, and you respawn.

Walk: Returns your character to a normal walkspeed, 16.

Run: Speeds up your character.

The GUIs are well-made and well-scripted. They aren't fancy, but they get the job done. The only minus is that, whenever the game cleans up the world, removing hats and whatnot, a message is just thrown right in the middle of your screen saying so. It gets quite annoying after a while.

Game Play:
Now that I've got all that out of the way, let's get back to the game, shall we? You spawn in one of several places; on top of a mountain, down in a valley, in the harbor village, etc. From here, you have endless choices. You can go explore the amazing terrain, build yourself a house on top of the highest mountain, or make a town with friends. You can ride around in a fancy UFO, or drive a truck down a cliff. The only limit to this game is yourself, really. If you think there is nothing left to do, think harder. Have you dug deep in to the earth to find what lays beneath? Have you built an upside down town under the overhang of a cliff? With the stamper tool to answer to your every need, and the island to provide amazing landscapes for whatever need you have, or purpose you serve, you can do whatever you like. The possibilities are endless. All free build games I have ever seen before this dull in comparison. This one outdoes them all by a mile.

With its combination of mind blowing landscapes, tools that allow you to build whatever you can think of, flawless GUIs, and helpful Game Passes to top it off, Island of Imagination deserves more attention than it currently has. This deserves to be front page much more than some of its current competitors. Just looking at the front page of games now, I see plenty of fakes and frauds that don't deserve their fame. The only flaws I can think of? The clean up GUI that shows up in front of your face every five or so minutes, and the lag I get that messes up the music. Another minus is the shop GUI that loads and covers your whole screen the second you join/respawn. The breath taking building and the scripts make up for that entirely, though. I'll finish my showcase here. I highly suggest that you give this game a try; it will be worth it, trust me.

Thanks for reading,

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