Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exclusive BLOXcon London Interview: Matt Dusek!

BLOXcon London logoAs most of you already know, BLOXcon London took place last Saturday at the RAF Museum Hendon. It was an absolute blast, being both thoroughly enjoyable but also a valuable experience for myself, but also the three Roblox News staff that attended. It was fantastic meeting the staff that were behind the game we all grew to love, and was fascinating talking to them about their passions. I will fully describe my BLOXcon London experience right here on Roblox News in a post later on this week, but today I bring you something very special indeed.

Matt DusekDuring my time at BLOXcon, I managed to speak to many avid ROBLOX users and staff. One of those individuals was Matt Dusek, who some of you might know as the Technical Director at ROBLOX. I seized the opportunity to interview Matt about his job and current projects on the website. You can view the interview below; with subtitles for both quiet audio and important nuggets of information. Sadly the last minute of the interview was cut off due to memory issues with my recording device, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of the exclusive footage!

Thanks for reading and watching! Look out for more BLOXcon London posts in the next few days!

Editor of Roblox News