Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Short Introduction and an Exciting New Feature

Hello everyone, my name is Featherd and I am a new staff member here at RN. I will be working here as an Android developer, and I will be bringing the community a great RN app for a great mobile OS!

A few things to know about me:

  • I know five languages, including English, Albanian, C++, Java and Lua
  • I am a Bloxy Award Winner 2013 in the commercial category
  • I am a huge fan of Android
  • I love to build with friends

More importantly, I am pleased to announce an official Roblox News App for Android. My hope for this app is, that I can please the android community on RN and set a high standard for Roblox apps to come.

Some important things to know:

  • I am striving for a clean and beautiful interface while still having great functionality
  • The app will be free up until 10 days after release
  • If you would like to help out, contact me at
I feel that this is an important stride into RN's future as the #1 news group on Roblox.

I will try to keep everyone posted on the the progress of the app.

Thank You,