Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor Day Retextures: The Verdict

Wait, don't I do game reviews? Well yes, but due to a lack of time to make articles I shall be putting more variety into my posts, rather than just things about games. And why not start off with the lovely upcoming Labor Day Weekend Sale's rextextures which are a bit... er.

 Snow Leopard Fedora by Voxhall

Another fedora, why am I not surprised. It's totally a retexture too, just compare both of these images and see that the band is pretty much unchanged, the tan turned to white, and the brown spots in the middle gone! So it's basically the actual Leopard fedora in the light, hooray..

 Black Iron Bucket by godsend

I like the texture on this one, but I have no doubt it will be hella expensive since ROBLOX seems to really like that kind of thing lately, great. But it's good to see another "rare" item drop dead thanks to a better retexture.

Let me say it now, this article has gone through about 3 revisions due to time constraints, expect coverage of the Labor Day Sale if I'm not beaten to it. So good day, good night, goodbye.