Monday, August 5, 2013

Roblox News Interns: First Roll-Call!

Here at Roblox News we have been receiving summer internship applications all throughout last week. In this post I'm pleased to announce our first three interns! As with every year, the applications were of the highest quality and many were added straight to the 'definite intern' list after being read. There is no set number of summer interns - and it changes from year to year; positions offered are totally dependent on the number of quality applications.

What is the intern programme? 

A number of applicants are chosen to become summer interns here at Roblox News. These individuals will shadow staff members who are currently in occupation on the blog for the period of the (British) summer holidays - the programme ends on the 8th September. Interns will draft posts relevant to the shadowed staff member's area of expertise and will receive guidance from their mentor. The intern will receive feedback after each post they make via the ROBLOX private messaging system; they will given 3 positive points outlining what they did well, and given a target to improve upon in their next publication.

The idea of the programme is to equip aspiring writers and journalists with greater literacy and communications skills. Interns continuously learn from their experience by building relationships with both Roblox News staff and fans. Once the internship programme is over, interns may be asked to stay on as full time staff members right here at Roblox News!

Here are the first batch of summer interns!
Fghrty77 wrote an excellent application outlining his enthusiasm with ROBLOX groups and clans.  I briefly met him at BLOXcon London at the Roblox News stall and seemed interested in joining Roblox News as an intern. Fghrty77 will be shadowing myself (arbirator) as I'd like to feature more clan related articles on Roblox News. He will be interviewing clan members and leaders, principally finding out what life is like within group communities. 

DDude9091 submitted an intricately detailed application, and included some useful background information about himself. Furthermore, he sent in a wonderful sample place review about the game 'Unknown Demise' which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. With a clear writing style and solid structure to his piece, DDude9091 caught my eye. He will be shadowing one of our lead place reviewers: Zakary99, producing quality game articles that readers will enjoy. 

I look forward to working with these two outstanding individuals, and rest assured we will be reading their quality publications this week! The second batch of Roblox News summer interns will be announced tomorrow in our final roll-call! Don't miss it!

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News