Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yrreb: ROBLOX's Face of Travel

One of Yrreb's games is a train simulator from Tonbridge to Ashton!
Entering a place by yrreb is like stepping into a world of travel. From trains moving at the speed of 147 studs per second from Tonbridge to Ashton on rail to Calcia International where you may find a flying and beautiful 787-8 aircraft.

The word of Yrreb is no more than spectacular. His train simulators while a work in progress is great.

Besides the fact that yrreb is apart of what people define as the "Aviation Industry" on ROBLOX with his revolutionary group, RoAir; he has also had a serious past of hackers, exploiters, and threats against him and his games. To this day he stands as a center figure of ROBLOX Travel.

When I asked him about the aviation industry on ROBLOX nowadays, he commented:
"In all truthfulness, there is no longer such thing as an "industry." As airlines and companies in general are drifting apart, so are the people that stand for them. The growth of ROBLOX compensates for this as newcomers fill that gap and bring everyone together again ..."
In addition to that question, I asked him what drives him to make such great things on the platform known as ROBLOX.
"I think what inspires me about ROBLOX is the possibilities. A game itself can be up to 379 miles long, meaning that travel is key; especially in the future. It is also a way to bring people together to experience it for the first time. Flying is probably the main mode of travel on ROBLOX right now; as it is more of a generic interest."

That is not at all dramatized when he said that Flying is the main mode of travel on roblox, especially since RoAir has over one thousand members, and some time before that, there was a time when RoAir even had four thousand members!

"It is the fact that, doing what you do, you are building the scaffolding to what will be the ultimate game in the future; in that future, what we will know now will develop even more; we will see what everyone wants at the end of the light."

Yrreb's newest airport, Calcia International is a well designed and colorful paradise for his own airline, RoAir.
Besides yrreb's enormous success and great taste for design and screaming individuality in doing his own thing, he was the creator of ROBLOX's first meshed plane and he essentially brought light to what was the silent aviation side of ROBLOX, which since then has changed and become a hot topic for all of ROBLOX. Abuzz with more than one hundred aviation groups with RoAir being an elitist member of aviation on ROBLOX with it's quality flights, airports and excellent planes and flight experience; along with other such airlines like RoAir such as JetEire & Swedish Airlines, both lead by fellow friends of yrreb, Mrsmith23, the CEO of JetEire and Kooky1234567890, the owner of Swedish Airlines.

Yrreb is a clear personality for ROBLOX Travel. Not only being a great builder, great designer and an inspiration to hundreds of people who want to do similar things such as make train simulators, airports, airplanes and airlines, but a superb member of ROBLOX's community.

"I cannot be 100% certain on what my future is on ROBLOX, but I know that I will most likely be here for many years to come ... my hopes for the future accelerate to make others cheerful. I love making other people happy, and by basing building projects on such huge scales, people can explore to the edges of ROBLOX and we will all one day become a fair group of people."

Nowadays, yrreb is Yrrebrblx after his old account was terminated. You may check out some of the places featured in this article at from the links below.
[See Calcia]
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[See YrrebRBLX for yourself!]

- Darwin12