Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm Darwin12.

I search through ROBLOX for a similar thing: design, creativity and beauty. Then from there, I write, I talk, I express and blog about everything I see as if it was a tangible dream.

I've been doing this for two years now. My most recent of blogs is AverateMedia, aged about two weeks, and is a separation from my old blog where I found myself bored of working on projects I was assigned. I wanted to break free from that, and since then, I have and from that, I have written tens of articles about interesting people, great groups, exceptional places, and of course: things people should see.

I find exceptional love in perfectionism and design. These two things have prompted me to rewrite this precise summary a total of three times. They were hardly drafts; as I don't believe in drafts. I believe in doing things right, or it isn't worth the time of anyone. I want to make relevant blog posts to interested users that are looking for not only a game, group or interesting person. But an experience in these games, groups, and exceptional enthusiasm towards people I interview.

The best way to put it: my job is to not restate what people already know, but to praise people that dedicate themselves to making the best things popular; and that is what I say to expect from me in the coming weeks on this blog.

I will post a ROBLOX News exclusive that I promise is both extensive and reasonable either weekly or bi-weekly in the same style that I do on my own blog [AverateMedia, except there I do it as my job everyday].
During the time that I have this exclusive, I will go in depth on games, groups and people that are not only reasonable or exceptional at what they do, but great at it.

I will see you all around.
- Darwin12