Thursday, August 8, 2013

Introduction: DDude9091

Hello everyone, I’m DDude9091 and will be shadowing Zakary99 as a summer intern for Roblox News! I joined Roblox on the thirteenth of March in 2010; all I thought about then was playing the various games ROBLOX featured. Now, my view of Roblox is more in-depth and I have migrated to trading and other stuff ROBLOX allows users to do. I’ve become quite the sword fighter, and I have advanced my building skills far past what I used to be able to perform.
That would be me up there.

I currently keep my friends list to a certain amount; if I can’t remember where I met them or if I haven’t seen them for a very long time, I remove them. The things I am focusing on as of the moment are trading, my primary war group, ‘Fel Legion’ and of course, Roblox News.

During my time as a summer intern, I will be writing place reviews & showcases. With the place owner’s luck, I’ve had a cup of hot chocolate that day and pancakes for breakfast. Mmm, pancakes. Anyway, with the help of Zakary99 (The best place reviewer I’ve ever seen in my whole life, but still not better than pancakes), I’ll hopefully be able to improve my skill, vocabulary and punctuation as a writer and become better with each draft I create.

I figure I should also include some things about my non-pixel self. I’m 12 years of age and skipped first grade/year 2, and will be taking English and Geometry this coming school year. As previously stated, I love pancakes and hot chocolate (but never hot chocolate made with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, that ruins the taste).

Thanks for reading,
(Shadowing Zakary99)